Do you think the Bayswater will look nice as a briefacse on top of my regular handbag

  1. I am looking for a new briefcase and wondered if it will look nice as one. Do you know what colours and types of leather which are available.. I see some nice ones on couturedemode and eBay but am afraid to buy it as some seem fake!
  2. There are lots of fakes on e-bay! Currently on net-a-porter they have the oak, chocolate and black in darwin leather. In the Mulberry shop i have seen a nice vanilla colour, a beige/apricot colour (can't remember the name) and a red one that i think was in glove leather. personally i think the chocolate darwin one is gorgeous and would make a great work-bag/ briefcase.
  3. I think you can absolutely carry the Bayswater as a briefcase in addition to your handbag (esp if you got it in a brown or black). I use mine as a tote bag for work, in addition to my handbag - every once in a while if I need a large size bag, I'll use it by itself as my handbag, but I use it more as a tote.
  4. how about the ledbury? is it handheld only? are the dimensions the same as Bayswater pls?
  5. ledbury is smaller and hand held only really. Another one to look at might be the new east-west bayswater that is on the Mulberry website.