Do you think that the wear on this is bad?

  1. Okay so I have this agenda, and it had a sticker on it and had to scrub off the residue, it left a mark but its really not that bad. the colour is discontinued for this item, so i thought even though it had a blemish. I might still get something for it. it retailed for 500, but i can't even get half of that.

    Do you think agendas are just not popular anymore? personally I think its a nice colour.

    I guess its Myrtle blue.

    And please don't delete this post im not trying to sell it on here. so please, no one ask.

    I just need advice.



    And PS yes, its real. So i know THAT'S not the reason its not going.
  2. I think $250.00 is a little high for the wear on it. Also, epi is really fragile for an agenda - that might be why?
  3. I like it. It's not that bad but I personally wouldn't pay $250 for it either. Maybe $200??
  4. It's a pretty color, but I don't think epi is very popular. Just my opinion on maybe why it's not selling!
  5. I really like it and I dont think the wear is that bad. Agenda's seem to go for VERY little on eBay so I think if you dont want to sell it at very very cheap, IMO keep it. I think its lovely
  6. I wouldn't think you would get a lot for it though it is pretty.
  7. I had the same exact one...I sold it for $185 on eBay...INCLUDING shipping! :sad:
  8. I have to agree, it may not go for very high on eBay..I'd pay 200 tops, personally.
  9. hmmm... It looks like it's in mint condition (yes, I see the scratch).... I htink you should just wait and you'll get higher bids for it ;)
  10. I noticed people on eBay prefer MC & Vernis agenda. I saw Epi Agenda sold for $155 but it's a lovely agenda, just keep it :smile: