Do you think that the Roses Neverfull is a bit overpriced ?

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  1. I really like the Roses Neverfull but I think it is a tad bit overpriced....I mean double the original Neverfull !

    Does anyone else think the same ?
  2. It is expensive, but I've read that the increased price is due to the several colors that must be overlaid to get the rose print on the canvas. No doubt about it, it's gorgeous!!
  3. I love the lining, to me that is worth the price!!!
  4. I think it is overpriced...but it is LE and designed by Stepen Sprouse so thats probably why it is the price it is.
  5. Both the speedy & neverfull are pricey, but their cost is probably only going to go up on the secondary market.

    I saw a roses pouchett today on ebay for around $1500 - you have to be kidding me!
  6. I agree, 1500 is too much !
  7. yes, it is overpriced per say..but it is an LE so I can see why......will I buy it? NO....but it is pretty!
  8. That's ridiculous! Especially since my LV store still had some in stock on Saturday!

    I think the speedy and NF are both pricey, but I bought the speedy anyway!
  9. I think they are both overpriced.
  10. ^^Me too.
  11. Totally worth it!!! Love this bag!

    I saw rose speedy on eBay for $4000 or BO... Wowza!
  12. I wonder if the ebay sellers will be able to get anyone to pay that much?

  13. i third this.

    i mean, it IS cute, and it IS LE, and if you have that kinda extra money to throw around, then go ahead.

    but i think that's wayyy too much for a canvas bag, because really, the neverful GM is what? 750? and you're paying about 550-600 more JUST for a screen print.

    I'd much rather get the plain neverfull and a sprouse wallet.

    and as much as i love this collection, i doubt it will be as coveted as people make it out to be, and i honestly don't think its going to go SUPER HIGH in resale value. Higher, yes, but not 1500 for pochette higher.
  14. Me three! Dont care much for it.
  15. I think so but I feel LV is very overpriced.