Do you think that the Reissue 225 size is too small?


Do you think that the Reissue 225 is small?

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  1. I'm more of a medium handbag girl.. Do you think a Reissue 225 is too small for me? I'm 5"4 in height by the way.. Please let me know.. Thanks!
  2. based upon the measurements from the reference thread, i think the 225 is the closest in size to the medium classic flap. The main difference though is it's depth? it's 2.16" whereas the medium classic flap is 2.5".
  3. Thanks evychew! I even cutted out in a paper to see how a 225 looks like. LOL. I was bidding on a 225 light silver reissue.. But I found out that the listing was removed.. Maybe because of the excessive shipping cost??? $35 USD just for USA to USA shipping?!
  4. hmm, I think I know which one you are talking about Rica! Was the BIN set at 2100$? If so, I think that auction ended with a Buy-it-now offer.
  5. ^No evychew, it was a new listing (for today) in eBay.. It was $1499 in size 225 but no authenticity card. But it was removed a few hours ago. I am hoping to see the seller from HK who's selling a Light Silver Reissue before.. I hope she still have it and pop out from eBay...
  6. 225 is pretty small. I fit much more in my medium classic flap. I think for the reissue, size 226 is the best :yes:
  7. it really depends. if you want to carry it as evening bag, its not too small, but for daytime, i will go with 226. im about 5'3".
  8. I think it will be great to get a 225 as an evening bag or party bag, I am waiting for my first reissue which is a 226, and I know I will want to get a 225 next.
  9. Hi Rica,as the ladies said it all depends on what you want to wear it with or on what occasion.I wear the 225 light silver as an evening bag on special occ and I'm 5'9'' if it was another colour or non\metallic I would use 227 mostly.BTW I tried to get some shots with my cell phone but it comes with so much light on my monitor that you can't actually see the bag lol!-I'm waiting for my daughters to get back and I'll post the shots soon!:yes:
  10. Thanks guys! Then I would settle for the 226 / 227... I don't usually go out for a night out, so practically, I'm going to use all my bags during daytime. Thanks again for your suggestions! :biggrin: