Do you think that the price increases...

  1. will eventually cause many LV fans to rebel and say NO MORE!?!? At the rate that LV prices are increasing, a Speedy 25 will be $1000.00 in a few years, if not more. Even if your income (or whatever:rolleyes: :lol:) is much higher in a few years, could you see yourself paying $1000.00 or more for a Speedy in Monogram Canvas? I'm starting to feel as if I should grab a few Speedies NOW...before they cost the same as a mortgage payment.:s :sweatdrop:
  2. Will I rebel ? Nah. I'll probably just be bitter about it.

    Vuitton has ruined my mind and my bank pocket.. damn you !!!

    But I wouldn't have it any other way.. :love::love::drool:
  3. OH yeh.. my collection is in the process of ruining mine. I'm searching for the Mizi right now, and after that bag, that's it for me. I'm throwing in the towel for a loooong while. It's actually getting me depressed!
  4. No because Louis Vuitton is a luxury-it's meant to be expensive and most people have already come to terms with that.
  5. I think I'm gonna quit for a while, too. I definitely think the price increases have been too close together to justify.
  6. I haven't bought new LV for two years for that reason. I watched the prices sky rocket and I just can't see any reason why except greed. Either that or they don't want the "middle class" to buy the bags so they are artificially inflating the price.

    Don't read too much into my "middle class" statement -- I just don't know another way to say what I mean.

    I think Coach used to be more exclusive while still being "affordable." Now, it's not exclusive at all. Even little girls with their first jobs are saving their money to buy Coaches. They're not very special any more because everyone has them.

    I think maybe LV is artificially raising the price to keep the bags out of reach of the masses.
  7. well i don't think it's possible for LV to go THAT average income in Canada I think is about 30 000$US and if one bag costs 0.5 million dollars.....well even with inflation and all that, LV should still keep their prices somewhat fair. It must be proportional to people's income, otherwise, no one in their right mind would buy a bag that's "worth" so much, and thus LV's sales would decrease and they wouldn't get any profit. So LV isn't dumb......they're not going to lose sales EVER lol
  8. Yeah I agree..I mean there are a lot of people on both sides of the argument but I think in the long run, the price increases and not having sales increases the desirability.
    Do I think $200+ for a keychain is getting pricey? Yes. But is that stopping me from buying them? No. Especially since I won't be able to get these things (bags, accessories, etc.) again, seeing as how the only place you can really find them after they're no longer sold in stores is on ebay for about 3 times their retail. I'd rather pay the current price than the much higher price later on.
  9. I know that this is not for sure at all...but...

    I have been hearing rumors before the recent increases that it will rise even more, one of the SA who informed me b/f the hikes told me to stock up...and Im so happy I did....:smile:

    And thats why I decided to buy one more b/f I call it quits for a gooooooood loooooong while.....:s

    Just thinking about it is horrid....:sweatdrop: :hysteric:
  10. I will never stop buying it. On March 24th 2004, a new customer was born, and his name is Mattd7474 and he is her to stay!
  11. It's probably just me who thinks this, but I feel like there's always going to be that demand for it and people know that they can't go and find these things anywhere else. I like the idea that they increase it because the less available it is to the general public, the more coveted it becomes of course. It goes without saying that exclusivity and luxury are part of their brand image.

    I know I'll continue to collect LV for a long time, seeing as I'm just 19 & adore LV :smile:
  12. Do we have confirmation of a upcoming (or has it happened) price increase. I know the rumors have been swirling, but Dickie said no and so did my SA. I am going to be really unhappy if it happened!
  13. I pretty much agree with you, but I can't help but feel taken advantage of sometimes, if you've been buying for the past 10 years like me I think it hits you's only really been the past 3-4 years that the increases have been so much so often, no other luxury line really increases at this rate. The store will often throw out the euro excuse but at this point it's not the issue, they've already well made up for the difference in the euro. BTW, I've said this before but I like to keep mentioning hehehe....when I bought my first little LV they had just had a price decrease because the dollar was stronger than the currency France was using. Now this was before LV really blew up with all the HUGE stores and big advertising. I think they have kinda gotten big heads now so to say, there will probably be a point where the dollar may bounce back stronger, maybe we'd see a decrease but I'm sure it would be very small.....they are spending a lot more money than they use to and they're passing all of that to the consumer which I don't appreciate. So one more thing...when I bought my Musette Salsa when it first came out I paid $350.00 (the style isn't THAT old). Now it's $665!!! Not for nothin, but I wouldn't want to buy my $40,000 BMW in 1999 and pay $80,000 for the same model in 2006 (and at least with cars they make improvements)......if nothing more it's dissapointing...

  14. No, you articulated what many people, myself included, believe. LV wants to maintain its luxury status, and if more people can afford their bags, then their exclusive cache diminishes in the clientele that matters to them the most: the true upper class. What do they care if they lose the business of us working plebes? :hysteric:
  15. Sorry to say it is absolutely possible for a speedy to get up to $1000 in the forseable I just posted, bags I've purchased have pretty much doubled in a matter of maybe 6 years or so. There is no regard for average income with this brand, but you're right in thinking they may outprice themselves out of the middle class group which I think would put a dent in there average sales, I may not be wealthy but I do buy about 4LV bags and 5 accessories a year and I'm not the only one in my salary range that does this....if they increase at the same rate I've seen these past 6 years I probably won't be doing anything close to this...

    PS, my DH usually buys me a bag or so also.....