Do you think that the jeans craze is starting to pass?

  1. Hello. I know that jeans will always be a big part of everyone's wardrobe, (myself included as I own quite a few), however, I was wondering if anyone else thinks that the "craze" for high end jeans may be starting to wane a little? The reason I was wondering is that every time I go to Neiman's or Barney's recently, while they still have quite a few, I noticed that they seem to be carrying slightly less denim than they used to. Also, for the fall/winter, it seems like all of the major brands have more in the way of colored denim. It almost seems to me that for the fall/winter, the other pants like the tweeds, the gauchos and the cropped pant in non-denim seem to be all the rage, even here in California. Also, these other types of pants can be worn to work a little easier than denim. What do the rest of you think?
  2. I think it's just a seasonal thing. I think in no way is denim going away! Many brands come and go but the few at the top at still going very strong. Seven For All Mankind, Diesel (esp for men), Citizens of Humanity and True Religion are still aplenty in stores around me and I see, online.
  3. Never.
  4. Hi There,

    The desire for premium denim and great fitting jeans is still going strong!
    The Catwalk shows are now dominating the pages of every fashion magazine at the moment as they need to keep their advertisers happy. Think back this always happens after the show's then denim creeps back in to magazines in the New Year.
    Don't be fooled there are new denim brands popping up all the time. is a UK website dedicated to finding real women whatever their shape or size perfect jeans. Every month reports on new brands the glossy magazine haven't even had a sniff of yet!
    Do you really think Victoria Beckham would be launching her new denim collection if the bottom has fallen out of the denim market! NO definately NOT!
    New brands to watch out for are Made in Heaven, Plush Premium Denim, Ruby, 18 Ammendment,Nobody Denim & Freedom of Choice just off the top of my head.............................:wlae:
  5. Currently the designer jean ($200+) market is oversaturated. There have been many articles about this. It's the most profittable segment in denim and denim tends to be the largest grossing type of clothing in stores. Jeans will never be "out" but with the ladylike looks dominating the runways, they are no longer as "fashionable" as they used to be....

    However, Karl Lagerfeld did acknowledge that denim is an important classic piece in a wardrobe in his last couture collection with the denim legging/boots. Denim is no longer a statement piece (or the highlight of one's outfit), but something neutral.
  6. denim will never go out of style!,esp in NYC..I live in Jeans,and hoodies =D
  7. I think jeans will always be around in one way or another. It's just fashion cycles that come and go. Around 10+ years ago during 'grunge' there was a resurgence of Levi's 501s and a big ad campaign. Now it's premium denim and all the styles, washes, customizing, etc.

    They're here to stay and I for one am one happy girl. :wlae:
  8. Hi. I tend to agree with Sonya. I know that denim will never be "out", but I think that it is starting to become a "neutral" rather than THE fashion statement that it was the last few years. A couple years ago, it seems that if you had on designer denim, that the JEANS made the outfit, rather than the other pieces. Recently, it seems like jeans may have become the "black pant" that every woman has in her wardrobe and IS an essential element, but the other components of the outfit now make the statement since almost every woman seems to have a pair of Sevens, Citizens, Paige or True Religion in their closet. I live in Los Angeles, the current jean capital, but now it almost seems like the woman wearing something other than jeans (i.e. a tweed gaucho or a skirt) stands out more than the woman wearing the $200 plus jeans. Also, while I LOVE jeans and own MANY, at some point, continuing to buy $200 plus jeans that are very similar seems redundant. This fall, it seems like there has been somewhat of a return to old-fashioned "dressing up" and it seems that even the work attire looks a little more formal.
    Don't get me wrong though, I wear jeans as often as I can....
  9. I'm over designer jeans.. I already have several and don't have any more room in my closet for any new pairs. I haven't even broken in some, and I haven't bought jeans in months.
  10. Jeans = NEVER out
    But Designer jeans and the race to raise the prices for jeans that are at the end made anywhere cheap on planet earth = the end is coming:yahoo:
    In scandinavia we´ll still have labels like Tigers of sweden or Acne at 200$ (the quality is top) but the craze for Cheap Monday (80$) is huge !!.....can´t put my hands on 1 pair !
  11. Thithi: I hear you. I love jeans, but I don't think that I need to buy anymore for awhile.
    The other day I was looking at a pair of Sevens that are new for the fall and a slightly different style and leg width than my other bootcuts and one skinny jean, but I got to thinking. I started wondering if to everyone else (except myself) they all look the same and like I am constantly wearing the same thing. I then started wondering if my money would be put to better use buying something else. After all, I can't wear them to work at my job like other pieces that can be used for both casual and work attire depending on how you put them together. Also, Sevens have been around for a while so they may be losing their "wow" factor. That being said, I am in the market for a new tote.....
  12. I agree Jadore! :yes:

    I live in my jeans and juicy sweats on the weekends
  13. Noooooooo........ Never......
  14. I agree NEVER.
  15. I will always wear jeans! They may change shapes but denim is always awesome. (OMG, yeah I really did just say awesome! LOL)