Do you think that the GH and SGH are going to drive prices up?


Aug 14, 2006
With three different hardware chocies, its going to be harder and harder to locate the exact color/hardware combination you want. I've also noticed that the stores have tended to order more GH items than regular hardware items. So, its making regualr hardware bags in the color of your choice harder to locate now.

I have a feeling that in a few months, people will be paying a premium on ebay for bags they missed out on the previous season because its not going to be very often the exact hardware/color/style combination that you are looking for will pop up.

Before, if I didn't have the money that season for a bag I wanted, I didn't panic because I was sure I would find one on ebay sooner or later. But now, I'm kind of getting worried that won't really be the case anymore.


May 10, 2006
New York
I think you have a really good point. Some stores (especially the authorized - non Bal or Barneys - Boutiques) have a budget and can only order so many bags per season. They are therefore going to order more of the newer styles that will keep them cutting edge such as the Giant Hardware and you may definitley see fewer RH Bags.

Cheshire Cat

Long live McQueen
Feb 12, 2007
My Barneys is getting virtually NO RH bags anymore. It's really frustrating... and I do worry that it will mean the bag you want is going to be a lot harder to find. Fortunately, AlohaRag still seems to be getting plenty of RH bags, which is great... but you have a good point, and I'm worried about that too...


Gettin my Griff On
Jan 4, 2007
Yes, it will drive the secondary market prices higher. It is ECON 101 - supply and demand equations. I have already been disappointment with the limited styles that BalNY is receiving for the Fall collection, so I imagine that other retailers like Barneys and NM will be similar.