Do you think that it is heavy?

  1. When I was oversea last week, I had a chance and brought a Polka Dots Navy Corsaire for my wife to add to her collection.

    Not like last time with the Gold Kirsten, she complaints that it is too heavy straight away. We went to the local LV shop and the SA showed us a Olympe Nimbus. It was so light, really cannot believe it!

    However, she loves the button design so she ended up with a Viviane.

    The issue is, although she said Corsaire is heavy but she still wants to keep as she likes it big.

    I think she ends up with too many and should return if it is too heavy, although I might not be able to return. :cursing:

    As a man, the weight is OK for me but I would like to see the opinion of ladies as well.
  2. I tried it on the other day, and yes I found it too heavy. I mean if she's a collector, she can have the bag just to have it. I on the other hand can't carry a bag that big and heavy for myself. Nimbus is a great bag, though. It has a gorgeous leather and very light & whismical. I didn't care for the thick braided shoulder strap, but other than that, I like the bag.
  3. There was already a thread on how someone met a japanese lady in store that had almost nothing in her corsaire and still thought it was too heavy. If she can't use it at all, she will maybe probably want to sell it later on, so maybe it would be better to take it back for something she could use...
  4. i agree. if she can't use it it would be useless to her. Unless she really loves it and just wants to look at it. (as some of us have a tendency of doing) :graucho: