Do you think that is "too Much" to wear Lady Dior to a Wedding ?

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  1. It's perfect for weddings if it's carried without strap. I use Lady Dior to go to school all the time and no one said it was too much
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  2. can I add Dior mitzah to it?
  3. I’m assuming it’s a formal event since your friends are suggesting a clutch:
    - Definitely no crossbody straps; keep them delicate and short or carry a small handheld bag.
    - If it is very formal, like a black tie, a satin, gold, silver or crocodile clutch, is your best option.
    Your Lady Dior is fine depending on the bag and how formal the wedding is. I would listen to your friends if I were you. What does the invitation say about the attire?
  4. Mitzah will give a casual look.
    Just keep the Dior as and hold by handle.
  5. Seems fine to me but since your friends have commented and your unsure, I think you will be uncomfortable. Maybe carry something else or if you truly don’t care, wear with pride. I honestly cannot imagine friends telling me not to carry that bag to a wedding. Seems rude to me as there is nothing wrong with that bag for the occasion. It’s beautiful. But if your likely to be uneasy, don’t wear
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  6. I honestly don’t see how a Lady may be inappropriate for any occasion. I have mediums and large LDs that I use for everyday and a medium and a mini which are good for formal and black tie events. Cross body is not good for a formal event whatever bag it is but other then that a Lady is quite a simple bag and can easily be dressed up and down. Unless of course they are used to backpacks and lunchboxes and take any designer bag as an attempt to attract attention
  7. What color is the bag? I personally would feel more comfortable with a more subtle or neutral color than a bright color, that way it wouldn’t feel like you’re showing off. It would just blend in with your outfit. If it’s a casual dress code then a bright color is okay, but if it’s a more formal wedding then go with a neutral color.
  8. Just wondering, is logo printed bags in general not suitable for weddingguests in your opinion? (Lv, Gucci, Dior etc.) :smile:
  9. I guess it does depend on the item and the people attending/local culture, but very obvious logos do whether people like it or not do communicate (loudly) and I don't think it's necessary the best decision to wear something that might distract from the main event. It really depends.
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply! I agree with your point to not deliberately distract from the main event. :smile: I just wanted to ask as I own a (beige) Dionysus WOC in the GG supreme pattern (you can take the chain off), that I personally find quite neutral and casual, and not "loud" at all, not that I have any weddings to attend in the nearest future but your post got me thinking about it, and I started to wonder if that one would still be "too much" or "too tacky" to carry at a wedding, or a some other event.
    Not that I had planned to, but the thought just hit me. I guess it depends of how formal the event is too, if it would be suitable or not. I would not bring it to a very formal affair ofc, but then again, most weddings in my circles/area does not tend to be extremely OTT. :smile:
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  11. I don’t understand how any bag can distract from the main event. Unless you are using it as nunchucks or releasing pigeons from it.
    A plain LD is quite a casual and modest bag, not even dressy. For the people who are familiar with the brand, it shouldn’t be anything shocking or special. Those who don’t know wouldn’t notice.