Do you think that is "too Much" to wear Lady Dior to a Wedding ?

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  1. I have a wedding to go next weekend. I am planning to use my recently Lady Dior bag to wedding.
    I asked few friends, they told me not to use that bag to wedding.
    1st, the bag is too big to carry as a clutch and 2nd it is not good to wear as cross body bag with a strap.
    They told me to get something small wallet to carry.
  2. I think it's perfect for a wedding
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  3. I was told "too much" like carry / show off the luxury items to wedding.
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  4. What size is it? I think if it is medium or smaller it would be a good size for a wedding. You can always remove the strap to dress it up.
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  5. Yes which size you talking about
  6. small.. in my lady dior...
  7. Since the My Lady Dior has a thicker strap, the strap would make the bag very casual. I suggest removing the strap and hand carry the bag. You can always keep the strap in the bag if you worry you might need it. The small is a good size for formal occasions. Your friends suggested a small wallet or clutch, but it really depends on what your necessities are. Will you be able to carry it all in a clutch?
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  8. The smaller the better for a wedding and no strap
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  9. Looks and size-wise seem fine to me. I think it’s less about the bag and more about the designer label. Depends on the crowd and how you feel about them.
  10. It's totally fine. In Asia, they tend to carry Lady Diors to weddings, from Minis to classic Mediums. Very elegant and refined.
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  11. It would be a great bag for a wedding!
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  12. I totally agree , it is perfect for a wedding .

    In my opinion Lady Dior is more of an occasional bag than a daily bag.
    Just enjoy your bag in that wedding .
    Remove the strap and hold it by the handle. It will look great for a formal event.
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  13. Its amazing for formal wear. Wear what you love, no need for others’ opinions.
  14. I'd say it depends on the wedding. If it's a dressy affair, the Lady Dior would be a fantastic choice. If it's on a farm with the wedding party in jeans and cowboy boots, maybe not so much.
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  15. I think it's fine unless it has the logo dior print all over it.