Do you think that $599 is a good price for White Large Calf Tirbute tote ?

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  1. I saw one at a YSL store and I really liked it. I did not pay that much attention to Tribute totes before this one and now I think it's really a good bag and comfortable.

    Do you think $599 is a good deal ? I know it's no Saks sale but
    i just want to know if i should grab it now and wait for a little bit.
  2. i think it's pretty good. it will be nice to have in a few months.
  3. yes! the trib tote is a classic style. youll def get ur moneys worth
  4. $599 is actually a great price. It's at 40% off of the retail. Just make sure to pretreat your bag or don't carry it when wearing denim (because the color rubs onto the bag)...