Do you think tano will ever release a yellow, green or orange with black trim?

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  1. The trim color is my sticking point with some of these bags.
    Grape w/ black = perfect. I adore purple, but green, yellow and orange are my favorites. I would die to have some bags in these colors with black trim.

    I just dont really do brown. Not that I dislike it really, but 99% of my wardrobe is black. I know, black in general is new, so I'm pushing my luck.

    Maybe I just need to invest in some brown clothing.
    Maybe If I got those Frye boots I've always wanted in brown...
    My boyfriend is going to end up hating you guys so much. :tdown:<-- him.
    :supacool: <-- me.
  2. I'm with you, I don't do brown at all! I just bought the Grape Boogie with black trim, it is the perfect combination.

    I just discovered Tano last week, haven't even received the first bag, and already I want another bag (Amanda Playwith, pref in fuschia)
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    I love a different color trim also arobin! My first two Tanos last month were the French Nanny in the lawn green with the brown trim, and it's gorgeous, and the blueberry Boogie with the black trim, and it too is amazing. I want a truffle so badly in either bag but both have the matching brown trim and they do nothing for me. I SO wish there was a truffle Tano with DARK brown trim! The closest thing is the spring fudgsicle color, which is a lighter brown with darker brown trim.

    I can see why everyone is grabbing the grape - I think the appeal lies in that contrast of grape/black. I am tempted by the pom/black combo and the rasp/black too, but can't justify spending the money on them when I know I wouldn't change my bags enough to use them... so I feel your frustration arobin!!!

    I don't want to cave in on this since there may be something for me in the rest of the fall line, but boy, it's tough. Especially since I found out there are two stores about an hour away from me - I almost jumped in the car and went yesterday!!! One store told me they have FIFTEEN bags on display and I almost fainted!!
  4. All I can say is- who knows?

    Tano trimmed EVERYTHING in brown until this Fall. Now they are branching out into black on some colors and brown on others. I personally cant imagine yellow or orange trimmed in black.

    Dont forget there are also some bags that dont have contrast trim (like minilisa & the sex bomb) that you could buy in all orange or yellow, ie without the brown trim.
  5. AManda playwith was a SPring 08 bag. There was no raspberry (fuschia) in the pallette that season, so you wont be able to find that one! Tano makes that color , but not that bag, this season.
  6. I don't love or hate the brown trim. I do, however, really like their contrast trimmed bags....I say more of those!!! :yes:
  7. Thanks! So I need the Amanda in black, and well, then I'll simply need a third Tano, perhaps the Sexbomb? I know that one comes in fuschia

    My god, these things are like potato chips, you can't have just one
  8. Arobin, just go get those Frye boots you've always wanted, and you'll be set :devil:

    I got lucky, I found a great pair of barely used cognac-colored Frye Campus boots at Goodwill for about $50 this past summer.
  9. I love the contrast trim as well... my amanda playwith in lawn green looks fantastic with dark brown trim but I do typically prefer black trim on my bags. Luckily for me, I have branched out in my wardrobe to include more browns so it just gives me an excuse to buy double the bags ;) hehe!
  10. ^^ Exactly! That was my excuse to justify buying the truffle boogie! I'm curious to see what the Congo Green boogie re-make will have, black or brown trim?
  11. ^^the trim is dark brown like last year.
  12. I love my blueberry with the contrasting black trim. I also think that the avocado looks hot with the light brown trim and cannot imagine that shade with black. I think a DARK forest green would look just gorgeous with black trim.

    BTW, anybody noticing a trend with these Fall bags from other designers? There seems to be a lot more bags being offered with contrasting trim!

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  13. ^^Wow good eye! haha

    I wouldn't have noticed cos...umm...well.. I've just stopped looking at other bags hahahaha :P
  14. i agree... I like the idea of a deep dark green like congo from last year trimmed in black. That would be hot!