Do you think subtle platforms are trendy or timeless?

  1. I'm not talking about the YSL Tributes and shoes that have large, obvious platforms. I'm specifically thinking about the Louboutin Rolando but other shoes with subtle platforms as well.


    I know shoe trends change a lot but I absolutely love wearing designer shoes. I'm a very pragmatic person and try to buy shoes that I know I can wear for a very long time. I'm head over heels in love with the Rolando and am planning on buying a pair of black ones next week. I'm just afraid that in 5 years they'll look dated. I'm not one to care about being trendy but I don't want to look ridiculous either. The Rolando appeals to me because very high heels aren't comfortable but the platform shortens the distance between the ball of the foot and the heel.

    I tried a pair on back in July and keep kicking myself for not getting a pair.

    So, do you think subtle platforms are trendy or timeless?
  2. I think those are subtle enough to be timeless. The key is the rest of the shoe is timeless and classic - nothing to date it.
  3. the rolando's are gorgeous!! i want it in that champagne color.

    I believe they are officially timeless as they have been pretty trendy every year since the 2000's when they came back from the 70s.

    As long as they dont look like hooker shoes (clear heels) they can be pretty timeless. and it makes short gals such as myself look taller
  4. You cannot even tell the platform is there. Gorgeous shoes.
  5. I don't know if they are timeless but I love those shoes!
  6. I think they are gorgeous but what I am concerned definately not timeless, but again the shoefashion goes in circles so in a couple of years they will be "in" again so who cares buy what you love. I have a couple of pairs that I put aside and pull out again when the time "is right".
  7. ITA

    And you will love yourself for buying shoes with subtle platforms that take an inch off the height your foot will actually have to arch. I like them. You should go for it!
  8. Shoe styles really change so much that I think timeless it too hard to define. But I would guess this shoe would come back in style again in the future.
  9. I don't care -- I almost always get subtle platforms because otherwise I can't handle the height of the heels.
  10. Honestly, timeless or not they are a beautiful shoe... and like most have said they are classically designed and have great color that will always be in style... I say go for it!:p
  11. I think that beautifully-made pumps of almost design (platform, no platform, pointy toe, round toe, low heel, stiletto heel, leather, patent, exotic skin, etc...) are classics. Some become more trendy than others, but because of the pump style, they will never look dated.
  12. I think a subtle platform is timeless. It seems like have been wearing them since i was in high school 1998 almost ten years ago
  13. I don't think subtle platforms are ever "out". Sure, there are seasons when they are all the rage and seasons when they aren't, but those don't scream "platform!" so they won't be dated. Even if they were, you know they would come back again soon, so they would be worth the investment.
  14. As much as I love clothes, handbags (of course!), and jewelery and could converse with the best of the best about them, my knowledge of shoes is woefully lacking. I buy what I like of the best quality I can and then hope they're in style.

    So, I don't really know if platforms are here to stay or not, but if I owned the beautiful ones in your picture I would consider them classic. The platform is barely noticeable and the color is TDF.
  15. Platforms always end up coming back.