Do you think Snooki from Jersey Shore will/is making Gucci look bad?

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    Well I think she's a cute and fun girl but the image and personality she projects is a different story.

    I was just thinking since in her Twitter icon (and other pics on celebrity pages/sites) she's holding the Gucci Sukey and she's got over 600,000 followers and a Halloween costume in her likeness is in like every online and tv article lately that I can just picture people dressing like her for Halloween and then saying "hold up, I need a Gucci bag" and then buying a fake $30-$50 one from a flea market or eBay or canal street or some guy's trunk. Or drawing little g's on some kind of plain bag-- I just imagine horrors!

    I've read articles on gossip sites that designers are supposedly sending her their competition's merchandise because she makes them look bad. So that says a lot about what she's seen with. I'm sure she buys what she wants too though.

    I guess what I'm saying is I certainly hope fake Gucci bags aren't going to be seen as a staple accessory for the "going to be popular" Snooki Halloween costume. Like imagine from the Snooki "revolution," Gucci and other designers she wears will mean that when you wear them you're "like Snooki" lol. Someone did tell me my Gucci d-gold was very Snooki. I know them well so it didn't burn so bad at least.
  2. NO, because Snooker does not speak for me nor represents me in any shape or form.
  3. People asked the same question when Victoria Beckham started carrying a Birkin. It certainly put an end to Kate Moss carrying any of hers but then I know people were put off carrying their Birkin because of seeing tons of pics of KM using hers as a diaper bag.

    I don't know who this 'Snookie' woman is, but none of us (not even Gucci) can control who else wears the same style of bag. It always happens in fashion. Unless Snookie is actually a fashion role model (as I think VB and KM to be) I doubt the popularity of anything she wears will increase.

    Try not to 'give' other people so much power, what's more, they are free to think what they like. snide comments (from strangers) usually mean jealousy, although I'm sure your friend was just playing.

    Having said all that:

    I am 'worse' than you, I hate to see any celebs wearing MY bag in any pictures (although I don't mind seeing 'normal' people on the street) :pout:. I couldn't wear my new Hermes leather cap for a season because VB couldn't seem to take the thing off her head for months. Now I'm wearing it again. Fashion has a short memory ;)

    If anyone makes a 'snoop(ie)' remark at you when you wear your bag just look puzzled and say "who?" :shrugs:
  4. Until I saw a similar earlier thread in this forum, I had no idea who Snookie is and even anything about the Jersey Shore show. I don't follow celebrity trends, fashion or news so I'm very much in the dark about a lot of entertainment headlines until I read about it on TPF.

    As I've posted before and similar to what PT posted that it really shouldn't matter what celebrity is carrying what brand/designer - all that matters is the individual person. Paris Hilton looked very trashy laying out all her LV pieces during the World Cup (as posted on the Purseblog) but her being trashy with LV, doesn't and shouldn't stop a million other people from purchasing and enjoying the brand's items.
  5. I do not watch Jersey Shore and like Ghst I did not know who Snookie was until at the Coach Sub-Forum they started asking the same question because she was wearing a Coach bag before she started wearing Gucci...

    I do not like the look or bad attitude this girl has but I do not think that she represents the Gucci or Coach label for that matter or make the brand look good or bad in anyway..
    I do not buy any of my bags because a celb has it or not I just love my bags. To tell you the truth the rare my bags are the better.. So I prefer a bag no one has or only the rare collector has than one that is very popular...
  6. That's silly
  7. I watch reality tv so I'm familiar with Snooki. When I think of her I don't think of gucci at all. I saw pics circulated of her carrying a gucci but I don't think that people will waste time getting a fake or mocking a gucci bag to look like Snooki for halloween.

    When I think of Snooki I think of a deep unnatural tan, straight dark hair in a "poof", Ed Hardy, club clothing, etc.
  8. I don't know Snooki either and she has absolutely no influence on my opinion of the Gucci brand.
    She's just a person like everyone else.
  9. Amen!
  10. I saw a pic of her moving out of her house, and her Gucci Sukey Canvas was just dumped on the sidewalk with all her junk...apparently she didn't care about her bag, so why should we care about her.
  11. I don't think what Snooki wears/carries has any influence on most people. I dont care. However, I do happen to kind of love Snooki.
  12. lol totally agree!

    TBH OP I think you're thinking a bit too hard into this.