Do you think SAs lie about price increases?

  1. It seems that every month on tPF, there is a rumored price increase that apparently came directly from someone's SA. My SA has never done this so I am wondering if others (possibly) are. The rumors of price increases are a bit out of control!
  2. i don't think so, my SA's have never lied to me, they would know better than to lie about price increases to try to get you to buy, i think they want long turn loyal customers, not just one sale. in alot of cases it may be genuine misinformation.
  3. But from what I have seen, most rumored price increases unfortunately have come to fruition. =(
  4. Not with me. He is very straight up :smile:
  5. My SA has been up front about them and when she did make the mistake of not calling me knowing I was interested in a GST (white) bag - I let her know I was upset about it. Still had to pay the increase on that one.

    In the future - she made sure I knew about the next increase prior to - but.....the increase started sooner than she thought it would -so, when I came in the store 15 days prior to the increase and it had already been increased - she talked to the manager and I got the GST (beige) at pre increase price. I was very happy and she earned my trust.

    So, I think my SA is on the up and up....:smile:
  6. no, I don't think so. If anything, they DON'T know about it before we do.