Do you think Reade PM and Vavin PM are similar?

  1. Both of them look very similar to me (besides the size). If I already have the reade pm, should I buy the vavin pm?

    What do you think?
  2. I prefer the Vavin, it's so cuuuute!
  3. Well, kinda the same style- but one is shaped different than the other. I prefer the Vavin
  4. Vavin = Easy to maintain but mono print makes it so so..
    I love Vernis reade PM, it is so cute and not so common. Always get complement anytime I carry it even from a guy. I vote for Vernis Reade PM
  5. One is in Mono Canvas, the other Vernis... that's already a huge difference IMO. Go for both, they are too cute :yes:
  6. Visually, they both look very different from each other. :yes:
  7. I'm more of a fan of the Reade PM... Go for the Reade PM!!!! :biggrin:
  8. i have both and dont' use them.:upsidedown: im so pathetic!:sad: i thought they were sooooo different from each other..:confused1:

    reade is more dressy and the vavin is casual. (imo)

    that's why i love this place.... someone brings them up and i go use them for another day and then put them away again.:s
  9. they are similar coz of the size and both are hand carry totes. i have the vavin PM and yeah i agree that it is easy to maintain. i don't carry my vavin often though coz it is rather small and can't hold much. i don't mind the reade either, especially if it is in red.
  10. IMO I like the Reade more. I loveee the vernis and the shape is a bit more wide so that not everything is just crammed in there. Also, I don't think that the Vavin is really all that great. It looks cute, but it also reminds me of the burberry small tote that has the EXACT same shape.
  11. like the reade too and the vernis leather perks the bag up!