Do you think purses are just toys for women?

  1. I've been shopping for a watch online and have been reading all sorts of watch message boards. Most of them are men obessing about watches the way we talk about bags.

    I've looked further and found message boards about cars and electoronics.

    Do you think handbags are just a grown-up version of barbie dolls?
  2. Maybe. I know that when I go into any store, I enter directly into the handbag department. I love looking and trying on handbags and shoes. I can spend, in fact....I have spent 1 hour in the handbag dept. of Saks without realizing how long I was there. Not to mention online browsing...Jeesh, I'm nuts.
  3. Of course they are, however, everyone has their vice. I think bags, cars, boats, snowmobiles, electronics, etc... are all just toys for grown ups.
  4. I absolutely think they are toys for me! Love to play with them.
  5. Me too! I love playing with them!
  6. general, I personally don't think they are because they have a good use. Of course, when you start to collect them like a lot of us do, then they're moving closer to the 'toy' category :lol:
  7. I think that purses and shoes make a statement about who you are. So no, it is not a "toy". It is your statement.

    Just the same -- watches and shoes make a bold statement for guys.
  8. yes!
  9. I have a bigger obsession with shoes but it's hard to find shoes that I like so usually bags are easier in that sense.
  10. I think they are! Or maybe a more appropriate word would be 'hobby'. Hubby had his 'hobby' involving buying & selling ATVs and his stupid XBOX 360. I have purses!
  11. analogically, YES!
    they are toy for women as well as luxury car are toys for men!
  12. I love jewellery and accessories because I view them as wearable art. I don't play with them, like toys, personally.

    Not that I think that there is anything wrong with that, at all. :biggrin:

    Of course, you can collect toys and not play with them, too. So, toys aren't necessarily toys to some people! :idea:

    I think I view myself as more of a collector. :yes:
  13. I've been thinking about it and I think bags (or any other object) can take the place of toys, for some people (when they've grown out of toys); but just because something takes the place of something else, it doesn't make it that thing.

    I think so called 'boys toys' like cars, boats and obviously, games consoles etc. can be more accurately viewed as toys for grownups, as they are generally bought to be 'played' with.

    But things like watches and bags are not really toys, as most people don't buy them to play with them.

    I think the bottom line is, that we all have the hunting and gathering instinct and because it's so easy for people in developed countries to simply pop to the supermarket to buy food now (whereas, it would have taken all day to hunt and/or gather it in times gone by), we now find other outlets for that drive. :biggrin:
  14. No. Bras are.
  15. It really is....I think that we never really grow out of needing things like these "toys" in our lives.....:p