Do you think people take offense to things too easily??

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  1. This is an issue that drives my Grandmother absolutely nuts as she thinks that we are all way too sensitive in this day and age. I've recently been pondering that exact question even in my own life and the way I respond to things that are said/done/etc. Do you think that people are looking for an excuse to saying they are offended? I feel like these days, no matter what you say or do, someone is going to be hurt or upset by it and tell you that what you're saying is offensive to him/her/it/whatever the case might be. Even in my own life, I can recall instances where I've gotten offended over the most minute things that really didn't matter and even when the person who said it didn't mean it that way.

    Just my rant for the day I guess. How about you?? Ever notice that it seems more prevalent these days?
  2. I do think people are overly sensitive. It seems like while in the process of trying not to offend, we offend. It seems like a no win situation.:shrugs:
  3. Yes
  4. Abso-effing-lutely! My personal mantra..NO FAKE DRAMA!
  5. Uh, you talking about me???


    Seriously...yes. And I, too, admit that I do this sometimes myself! I think it is the new "human nature"!!!
  6. yup but what can you do? :/
    i get offended too easily sometimes but we all do it
  7. Yes. Especially on here.
  8. Your grandma offends me! Oh wait.. :biggrin:.

    (not really!)
  9. I think people get too offended these days too. I can think of many instances in which I have... I've grown up a lot since then:P Or at least I hope I have.

  10. In reality, I actually get offended by stuff I never expected to get offended by. And it is really stuff that might offend the DF's kids. To me it is hilarious!
  11. It's impossible not to offend someone at some point.
  12. yeah, i believe so. but i dont think most people look for reasons to say they are offended. i think we're just getting over an age where it was inappropriate to vent about your feelings, unfortunately the response ended up being the extreme on the other end where people are way to quick to sit someone down and share their grievance, way too quick to point out flaws.. way too quick to start a scandal. i think we ought to avoid it when we can.
  13. I think there's a bit of a dichotomy (over here anyway) - I think some people are ultra-sensitive about what is said to them, or about them and are often also terrified that they'll accidentally say something wrong to others and then other people are about as sensitive as a brick and can't wait to insult everybody, under the pretense of not being 'false', or 'two-faced', speaking their mind and calling a spade a spade.

    The former make the latter even more 'outspoken' (for outspoken read rude!), by being annoyingly politically correct and the latter make the former even more terrified of appearing to be like them (i.e. rude and offensive) and so, even more politically correct (which then annoys the former even more still...) and so it goes on. :shrugs:
  14. I was just going to say the same thing :tup:

    So yes, I think people take offense to things more easily, but I also think that many people are much ruder nowadays too.

    I like that this forum's rules differentiate between disagreement or discussion and disrespect. Don't about the corresponding sensitivity level though :P