Do you think Paris love it or not?

  1. Chihuahua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you think that Paris would love to buy one like that?

    Probably not..

  2. that's not a chi. that's a chinese crested.

    it stole her hair though! :nuts:
  3. i am speechless!
  4. I love this dog!
  5. uh!
  6. The dog is better looking than her , thus it might steal the spotlight .

    So I'm going to go with " no" .
  7. ^^^Ouch!! :roflmfao: Those doggies are too weird looking for me. I prefer fur balls.:yes:
  8. I think they are cute and exotic, but like Luvpurses said, I prefer fur balls.
  9. Um, I find it kind of creepy when you have a breed of dog or cat where the grooming instruction is "use a warm sponge every once in a while."

    I guess if people have allergies to dog or cat hair they could get one of those or a sphinx cat, but what's the point? You'd think that if you want a dog or cat, you could get something soft and furry, right?
  10. I love the look of the Chinese Crested... unfortunately my husband is weirded out by them. lol

    Now that you brought it up it does resemble Paris .... hehe
  11. did you know that chinese cresteds get acne? poor doggies!
  12. DOES look like her......
  13. There was one on the dog episode of Project Runway...that's what I know it from! :smile:
  14. my friend has one, its so friendly hehee.
  15. they also get sunburnt easily, they are easy to maintain