Do you think my wallet on chain is too big inside my Pochette Metis?

  1. With a baby, I started using a wallet on Gucci chain my husband bought me as a wallet. That way I can throw it in the diaper bag when I don't want to carry a purse. Just put the strap on and go. When I have my purse I put it in there as wallet. It's in my Pochette Metis now which surpringly fits a lot but it takes up the whole middle compartment. Do you think it's too big for it? Oh first world problems. I love my favorite MM but hate not being able to fit my wallet in it
    IMG_3127.JPG IMG_3128.JPG
  2. Looks just like my Sarah did, I also had a makeup bag cles etc. Hiw do you feel? Is it right when you close it?
  3. Shh! Nobody has to know! If it feels right, and it closes, then why not?
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  4. I think it fits pretty well, as long as it's not putting a strain on the canvas.
  5. It actually closes really easily and the pocket still has room. Amazing how a small looking bag fits so much. Notice a diaper in there too. Lol
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  6. It looks like it fits perfectly but is it soft leather like lamb skin? If not then I wouldn't worry!
  7. I think it looks fine and like there is still more room. :smile:
  8. If it fits all your essentials go for it :tup:
    I sometimes use my full zippy and it looks similar in size.
  9. It looks like you're carrying a bag inside of a bag. Can you find/use something that takes up less space?

    Yes, I think the woc is too big for the pochette metis.
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