Do You think my sister has a chance?


Do you think she has a chance to win!?!

  1. Yes, Shes gonna win!! I'm Voting!

  2. No, Shes not good luck though!

  3. I'll Help

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    :tup:If you can vote for her! That would be great!

    Hi Ladies i need a big favor! What do you think her chances of winning are? If you want to help feel free to vote! Thanks!

  2. How convenient that your first post is an advert post...:nogood:
  3. ^^good point!
  4. She's pretty but......................................:ninja:
  5. I think she's gorgeous so i voted for her. :-]]
  6. I think she's gorgeous - good luck to her! :heart:
  7. Well like i said I just wanted to see if you guys thought my sister had a chance. Thats why there is a poll. If you gals would like to help then she would greatly appreciated. Thank You Ladies! THANKS TO ALL THE TPF LADIES!:heart:
  8. Just curious but is the only reason you joined TPF is so that you could get more votes for your sister??

    You only have 2 posts and these are both it.

  9. ^ There is also alot of new members that seem to have joined because of the purse giveaway. I hope they "stay" and join in.:yes:
  10. Is your sister doing anything else in modeling besides this type of contest from Smashbox? I would think if one is serious about modeling there are more professional ways to do it than hope to win a voting contest that depends on how may post the models put in different forums on the internet. Your sister is beautiful and I wish her the best.
  11. I voted, shes pretty! Nice first posts though!