Do you think my collection is "complete"?

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  1. Sorry - I feel like I'm totally monopolizing the board today, but I'm really excited. I *think* my Tano collection may be complete for now. I'm wondering what everyone thinks, if there is anything else I should think about or consider. I don't like bags that are too big - even though I'm almost 5'7, I'm about a size 2 and I don't want to be overwhelmed by my bag.

    Black Ready Steady
    Pom Postage Tramp (I may return this, haven't decided)
    Pom Three Fer
    Tango Red Vixen Van Go Go
    Black Chicklet
    Grape Sexbomb
    Blueberry Minilisa
    Rasberry Sexbomb

    Oh, and an older black Tano, the kind with the small black tag and lavender lining, that I came across in my purse closet earlier today. I'll take pics later and hopefully someone will know what it is.

    Oh, and I promise to post pics of the entire collection once everything arrives.
  2. With new colors and new styles to fall for twice a year, I don't think anyone considers their Tano collection to be complete. However, you certainly have very nice and varied collection for now.:tup:
  3. I wish my collection were complete and that I did not feel the need to buy a new bag each season but this is not the case. That being said if you feel your collection is complete is totally up to you. You have a great collection and some wonderful bags there.
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of, lol. I think I want something in green... maybe I'll feel totally satisfied then.
  5. You've got gorgeous gorgeous colors and such a wonderful variety of sizes. It looks like a beautiful collection! Can we see a family photo?
  6. I think you definitely need a GW. It is probably my fave Tano style thus far.
  7. I promise I will, as soon as they're all here.

    I'm worried a GW may be a little too big for me. I'll have to go through the modeling photos to find someone about my size.
  8. Tori, I am a size 4 and approximately 118 lbs. The Getting Warmer
    does not overwhelm me at all. I think with your height it will probably
    look even better on you. Check out my modeling photos of the Getting
    Warmer in Blueberry. The Blueberry Getting Warmer is a great color blue and Tano did so well with it that they are repeating again this fall and calling it Cobalt Blue.

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  9. Tori, I am a size 0-3 and 5'5. The GW does not overwhelm me at all. It is a fabulous bag!!
  10. IMO, NO Tano collection is complete without a Boogie!! But that's house is a Boogie Wonderland!!
  11. Agreed! Dang Tano has to keep creating beautiful new bags and beautiful new colors!
  12. Ok, it seems like I should really look into the GW and Boogie!
  13. trust me Tori, your collection will never be complete!! With all the great bags coming out several times a year, there will always be Tanos you will want. But that's the fun of Tanos!
  14. Wow Tori, you've certainly been busy! I think you have enough Tanos to tide you over for a while but as others have said, there is no such a thing as "enough". I keep saying that I'm done but more and more keep finding their way into my hands! I'm content with my Tano collection but definitely am not "complete" :smile:.
  15. I think you need a yellow, a green and a lighter blue like blue hawaiian. And I agree about the Boogie and the Getting Warmer and probably a French Nanny!