Do you think MJ will repair this?

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  1. I have a Collection bag that I bought on sale this past November. The painted edges that trim the bag are completely cracked and chipping... I'm only glad that I bought the bag on sale because if I spent $1200 on a bag that does this, I would be more annoyed!

    The padlock tab attached to the zipper is also coming undone/ weakening. I try to condition scuffs on the corners, but they keep reappearing.

    Do you think MJ Repairs can do anything for my Carter, Jr? Any advice?

  2. If it is a defect in workmanship or quality, I would think it would be covered if it falls within their 18 or 24 month warranty (don't remember which). Otherwise, the response will probably be that "they no longer carry the parts". I have had this response several times! Even after receiving an SRO# and sending the bag in.

    Good luck, I hope it's covered!
  3. when I bought my Carter Cubie last fall (new from the boutique), a couple of the corners were already beginning to show signs of rubbing/wear. Nothing major, but there was some early rubbing/wear -- my SA told me that I could send the bag to repairs and they could fix it up. I never got around to doing it or contacting Diego about it. Since the bag is less than 1 yr old, it's still covered under MJ's warranty, so I would send Diego an email (w/pics if possible) and see what he says. My guess is that most of what you described can be repaired

    Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of the lamb's leather (and the lack of finish and/or protection on some colors), this was a common occurrence with the Carter bags. You will probably notice that nearly every carter bag that's been listed on ebay shows some signs of wear at the corners and/or along the edges/piping. Some are worse that others.

    If you do contact Diego, let us know what he says!! Good Luck!
  4. my carter rocket tote has signs of wear on the corners and i've never even used it :sad:
    but apparently, clear shoe polish helps with those scuffs. i'd still contact MJ repairs about the painted edges though.