Do you think Marc Jacobs is Making LV bags Ugly Because

  1. OK I was just searching ebay the web and looking at ALL the NEW LV bags that MJ has made in the last couple of months MAYBE a year and to be honest THEY ARE NOT THAT HOT..KWIM...I think HIS line Marc Jacob Bags ARE REALLY hot NOW...I think in the last year or so his bags really show ALOT OF STYLE & CLASS more then I can say about his new LV bags (most of them)..Do you think it is a $$$ Making thing?? What I mean is do you think he is making SOME of these LV bags UGLY so WE buy HIS line of MJ bags instead???? just a thought....
    Anyone feel the same way OR NOT:heart:
  2. Lol, either way, he's still making money w/ LV. I guess to me, I've never gotten a MJ bag cause it costs just as much and if not, more, than a LV bag. MJ works for LV, so I'm guessing that LV > MJ. Lol. Just my .02.
  3. I've never gotten a MJ bag cause it costs just as much and if not, more, than a LV bag.

    I know what you mean..They are the same if NOT MORE $$$ then LV...:biggrin:
  4. I was wondering about that. Isn't that a conflict of interest?
  5. it's usually not a conflict of interest when you are a creative professional. for instance, I work with many studios that actually compete with each other as I am not signed exclusively with any one studio...
  6. I understand that but LV has been around FOREVER and is known for CLASS and STYLE in there line
    AND MJ line is known for FUN YOUNG style.

    Lately I see MJ LINE more CLASSY and the new LV line more fun/young

    I mean COME ON the bags with fringes and the bags with cherries and holes..KWIM
    ;) ;)
  7. I doubt that he would cut off his nose to spite his face. His name is attached to both products. It wouldn't make sense that he would tank one in favor of the other. There's no credibility in that.

    That being said, I have no freakin idea what's going on at LV these days. Maybe he has an illegitimate child who became the sr vp of design and is trying to get back at his dad by designing purses that make people psychotic, thus exacting revenge for years of living in poverty and shame.
  8. I love Marc's designs, as does my mom who's in her 50's. As for the "bag with the holes," my mom carries the Musette and has gotten more compliments on that one than she has with any of the regular monogram bags. Same with my (our) Chains Cabas. They're different and quirky, not so cookie cutter.
    That said, I own bags from the Cherry Blossom, Cerises, Multicolore, Perforation and Chains (as well as the Graffiti by Stephen Sprouse) and have gotten nothing but compliments on them because they're different. Sure they're not "sophistocated" but that doesn't make them repulsive. Well, no matter, I like the designs and carry them whether anyone else likes them or not. My money bought them, not anyone elses, so they have no say in what I buy.

    I do have to agree though that the fringe line wasn't the greatest. The charms hanging off the fringe cheapen the look since they look like plastic.
  9. I don't think that at all...

    Marc Jacobs is a part of LVMH so if he craps up LV to make MJ looks better they'd throw his label about...

    and Besides Louis Vuitton acccessories are not all designed by him, he's the Artistic Director so he genereally makes the ideas and there's a person who designs bags and more people working under them as well...he mostly handles Runway bags while the people working underneath manages the seasonal permanent collection.

    and Marc is only trying to do the new hip fashions for Louis Vuitton becuase it's LOUIS VUITTON...the brand has been pretty much flavorless and had been pretty much labled as pretentious until he came along....

    Personally I think he's making the product image look better but the product itself doesn't agree with the customers...

    like Perforated and Multicolor Fringe, and Mirror...not so hot, but they do go away from the drab ( I don't think it's drab but others might think so) Monogramed trunks...

    so although I don't agree with his way of doing it, at least he's doing something...until I can come along...;)
  10. Cherry Blossom, Cerises, Multicolore, Perforation and Chains (as well as the Graffiti by Stephen Sprouse) and have gotten nothing but compliments on them because they're different

    I have all of the above minus the chains DON'T GET me wrong I love my babys/bags LOL I just was wondering if he was pushing a YOUNGER style to the LV line...Everything everyone said so far on this thread MAKES SO MUCH SENSE...Like someone said either way he is cashing in..
  11. I love MJ's red patent bowler. Not sure what its called. But I like it! I also love Chloe and Chanel. LV has gotten a lil over the top lately
  12. OH, I think the name of the bag is the ELISE. :smile: :smile:
  13. I don't think MJ is making LV bags intentionally ugly BUT in my opinion he is showing that he is a one trick pony. The LV bags he has designed (for the most part) look like MJ bags. There's no denying how similar the LV Mahattan PM is to the MJ Blake.

    I like MJ styling so will buy a MJ for that reason. When I buy a LV I want it to be uniquely a LV because of the cut, not just the pattern (Damier, mono). KWIM?
  14. Like someone mentioned above, I think the whole reason LV recruited him was to get their image out of it's 'pretentious rut' (even though I don't think of the non-MJ lines as pretentious). He has done a lot of experimenting, and some of it has been great (MC line) and some not so much (fringe line). I think his LV bags have the same quirkiness as his own bags, but sometimes his experiments don't mesh very well with the idea of what an LV bag is supposed to be, and so instead of updating the LV image they just end up looking tacky.
  15. :hrmm: Hrmm, I don't think Marc Jacobs is to blame for concocting ugly LV bags! Those are just ugly period (not all of them, some of know, the ugly ones). It just seems that his 'classic' design foundations don't work as well with all the monogramming and logos...the simplicity of the shape and lines gets lost in all the Ls and Vs. The solid, vibrant colors used in the Marc Jacobs line enhance the design, and the richness of the leather compliments the striking, heavier hardware. Marc's had a very successful tenure with LV...doubt he'd tarnish that by meliciously creating ugly designs for them. I think that some of his designs just don't end up making very good looking LV bags, IMO (of course). :winkiss: