do you think manhattan pm is too dressy for everyday use?

  1. i was just looking at the visual aid, and i am just wondering if manhattan pm could be used for daily use... like for work, shopping, and running errands... i just love it, it is so pretty...

    owners of manhattan pm, what do you think?

    and also (goes to everyone), which LV bags do you use the most often?
  2. i've used it for school before, so i don't think it's too dressy. it holds everything i need, and that's good enough for me :yes:
  3. I don't have it but I don't think it's too dressy. It's definitely one of my favs.
  4. Not at all. That's the great thing about the bag,,,, dress it up or down. I take this bag with me quite often to do grocery shopping & I'm wearing jeans, flip flops/flats & a tee. Fab bag... it's chic with jeans especially. :smile:
  5. that's good to know... :yes:
    i saw yeux wearing rather formal wear with the manhattan...
    got any pictures of manhattan with jeans? would love to see that...
  6. the manhattan PM is great! and I say that you can take it with you in just about everywhere.

    Hmmm...As for the most often bag I use, well 2 weeks ago I bought a batignolles H which I will be using for school (still never been used yet), so I'd say that this bag WILL be used the most often.
    However, outside of school, I'd say it's my Multicolore Lodge!
  7. I personally think , you can dress up or dress down with mono line..
  8. I think the Manhattan PM is both casual and dressy, depending how you dress it up or down. it's a great bag!
  9. I definitely think you can wear it casual or dressy! It is such a cute bag!
  10. no way, not too dressy at all
  11. here's the casual Manhattan PM look :yes::flowers:
    manhattan pm casual 001.jpg manhattan pm casual 002.jpg
  12. woo looks great.. thanks so much :smile:
  13. Definitely not too dressy. I think you can dress it up or dress it down; either way it will look great!
  14. I Don't Think It's Too Dressy. Yeux ~ Great Pictures, As Always! :smile:
  15. Sandra, you contribute so much to all these visuals! You must own every bag that anyone has ever wanted! LOL