Do you think LVOE 2 will end up on elux?

  1. I have been away from the forum in a while....on a purse ban after I got the violet LVOE tote and the stratus bag....needed to take a break and not be tempted.

    So, I see the LVOE brooch on elux and caved! Then, went on to and saw the new totes! I searched the forum here and saw some of your pics and some from eBay. I know the opinion is mixed.

    With the large LVOE tote on elux right now, do you think the smaller bags will end up there, too? Or are they super limited because of the miroir letters???

  2. I think so, they aren't hard to come by.
  3. I think eventually they will be.
  4. I'd say yes- they don't seem terribly popular or limited.
  5. Yup, they probably will be. I didn't see them moving too fast in my store yesterday. I picked one up and wasn't super impressed, unfortunately, I was hoping I would be.
  6. Elux. had a bunch of Lvoe bags in last week.
  7. The new ones??? Or do you mean the runway ones?
  8. I mean the new smaller totes, not the runway bags.
  9. Yes, I would agree that they have not been the success that LV expected, that usually means they will make it to elux. Tax free for most people, yippee!
  10. Yes I know what you meant, but I think LVObsessed meant the runway ones.