Do you think LV will ever redesigned the speedies, like the Mirage speedy

  1. with a seam along the bottom so the LV faces upright on both sides?

    I always wonder why they didn't do that in the 1st place, especially since the French Co speedies were also made w/ a seam.
  2. ^^^^^^^

    I have not seen the Mirage, so I had no idea that the seams are different.
    I guess I will wait until the 15th of Sept to see!!
  3. i doubt it. not having a seam is part of the speedy and what makes it iconic.
  4. no i do not think they will. the speedy is classic.
  5. One of the cool things about a speedy is the continuous piece of canvas.
  6. Nah....I doubt it! Why mess with what's working? Personally I am curious to see if that seam will bring some structure to the speedy! Otherwise won't it look kind of funny when it sags? IDK! Holding out judgment until 9/15!
  7. I really like the seam along the bottom with the French Co. speedies, but since they already did that, I doubt they'd go back to it....
  8. I like it as one piece of canvas, but I can't wait to see my mirage!
  9. we shall soon see!!!
  10. I doubt it, it's been that way for many years now so save for certain types (i.e. Epi), they more than likely won't alter the design again so drastically.
  11. I hope they never change the speedy - it's perfect!
  12. No I don't. Its a classic in their line. Why mess with a good thing? I know many here don't like the sag or the upside down LVs, but its been around for years and I think it would be a crime to change it.
  13. ALso it would be more expensive to produce, so I doubt they'll do that.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing... They would have to spend more money on stitching and leather, for example.

    It's way more efficient to keep the Speedy as it is since the Speedy is made from one continuous piece of canvas and very easy to produce.
  15. I think the speedy will probably stay the same. The mirage is changed just because it's an LE.