Do you think LV price increases actually boost their sale? Seems like

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  1. people rush to buy mutiple items or buy an planned item sooner in order to *beat* the price hike. If LV sees a volumn spike before every price hike, it only gives them incentive to do it more frequently.
  2. great point...I am not going to buy any LV then
  3. I think so...but at the rate they're going up, people might as well drop LV and start buying Hermes.
  4. great point! Is it going to be a 10% increase again?
  5. I know it's just an example, but I don't think price increases like that will make people want to buy Hermes instead. Just because they're going to increase their prices doesn't mean people are going to go buy something even more expensive to compensate.
    In all honesty, I think another motive for the price increases is to determine who the loyal customers are and who runs out and buys other brands just because they don't want to pay LV's prices.
  6. :yes: I agree. I don't understand running to another brand when they're prices are higher. :confused1: I do think a lot of people try to get more before the hikes. :yes:
  7. It makes sense to beat the hikes...and I'm sure they do see a small spike in sales...but in all honestly their overall volume probably evens out and increases year-to-year.
    There are people like me who are new to the brand and are used to these higher prices.
  8. omg i hate price hikes!!!!!!!
    i thought lv didnt CARE about amount of sales, or profit. thats why they BURN their bags!
    grrrr. im so confused.
  9. Isnt the majority of LVs profits from the asian market anyways? Something like more then half? Need to find the article...anyways, people who are going to spend thousands on a bag, arent going to stop over a measely 5-10% increase in prices. They dont buy them to show off, they buy them because they like the brand and the quality--or lack thereof now a days-- anyways, point is lv knows people will continue to buy there bags regardless of price. They already have a loyal market in certain areas of the world.
  10. I think it seems as though there is a mad dash to get in before a price increase, but that is only done by those who are 'in the know' ie either on tpf, or have a relationship with an SA. As not every SA will tell you on SUnday, that on Wednesday there is going to be a price increase(I heard an SA tell a woman 'the price today is').
  11. ^ITA... I have seen the price increase over the years and it has never stopped me from buying another new LV every year.