Do you think LV has been over expossed lately?


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  1. Was flipping through Elle today, i was thrilled to see many LE LV bags in there at first, but after the second, third and fourth pix(Dentelle, Cloud, Polka Dots, Rivets).....I can't help but to think I don't like LV being over expossed on the magazine! It's hard to explain, but guess I don't want everyone to carry LV, sry but am I selfish to think this way? LV's sales has been strong, I don't see the need for focusing on advertisment, KWIM? Bottom line, I don't want LV to be the next Coach.....*shiver*
  2. Yes and no....

    Its such a known brand that has been around for so long with such a strong it keeps its good...

    But because its all about the brand rather than the actual product...its been way over exposed on that brand level for sure....
  3. Ummm... I'll just say that I liked the pictures in Elle and no I don't think LV is overposed. Then again, I think the question should be "overexposed compared to WHEN specifially???" 1 month ago? 1 year ago? 5, 10, 50 years ago? If any one of has has started buying LV within the last 5 years or so, I seriously don't see a major fluctuation between the exposure back then and now. More than 10 years ago, then yes.

    Personally, I started to become interested in Louis Vuitton 2-3 years ago and I will not stop buying their stuff due to overexposure because the amount of exposure has been relatively the same back then and now, not much of a difference imo. Besides, I really couldn't care less about what others carry. If I like something, I"ll buy it, even if it's Coach.

    EDIT: Btw... There were only 1-2 mags with several LV pix, I generally don't see much LV in many other mags. And this is speaking from a person who has at least 50 subscriptions from all different fields...
  4. I think LV is an overexposed brand, since everyone and their mother is seen carrying it. That's just what comes with the territory when a luxury brand is so well known. I think the key to feeling original is to get the styles that you don't normally see.

    I love the Mono Speedy 30, but have never gotten it cuz I see too many of them around to be able to feel like I am carrying something unique. It's always been a habit for me to only purchase unique bags that aren't commonly found. That's why I've waited until now, when the Azur line came out, to finally purchase one in Speedy (30). I love it cuz I love lite colored bags, and this bag is good year round (makes every outfit look good, no matter the temp or date).

    However, I think there are ton of other fashionable ladies out there who love the Azur line since it is soooooo gorgeous, so after the waitlist period is over, I don't think my Azur 30 will be that uncommon anymore. To heck, I like it too much care for the first time ever! :graucho:
  5. ITA.
    And besides, not everyone can even get ahold of Elle, let alone those bags since some are already sold out (like the Tinkerbell). Besides, I like that these bags are being featured in magazines, it's not like just because they put pictures in magazines that everyone who reads the magazine will run out and buy the pieces in it.
    Just like with the Miroir line..we've known about it since when, about last year at this time? The magazines haven't really had ALL that many pictures of it, and by the time the weekly magazines (that more people see) finally got ahold of pictures of certain celebs with the bags, they were pretty much gone anyway.
    So no, I don't think it's overexposed at all.
  6. Yes, most definitely.

    I understand that LV as a profit-oriented company wants to reach as many potential (new) customers with its many ads, boutiques, sales counters, online store(s), but then, on the other hand by doing that they have made the brand ubiquitous.
  7. "Ubiquitous" that word!
  8. i feel that LV is overexposed as far as the regular lines go. it seems that a lot of people carry mono bags lately. but that really doesn't bother me since i'll buy something i like and not be concerned that everyone and their mother has one.

    as far as the LE bags go. i think they still have their exclusivity appeal and seeing them in magazines....makes me feel like its national geographic, seeing them in their natural habitat? haha i don't know.
  9. Between a trip to Petsmart and a pet store at a mall, today, I saw a total of 8 mono speedies and 1 azur speedy.... It's almost as if seeing 9 people wearing the same outfit IMO....

  10. That's're not even in mall stores where you would expect to see that (i.e...neiman, Saks, bloomies, Nordies)...:p
  11. :roflmfao: love what you said!

  13. That's really weird..I was at my mall (Fashion Valley) today and the only LV bags I saw were actually in the LV store (Denim Cruise Porte Epaule, Silver Miroir Speedy, Cabas Piano and 2 Mono Speedy 25's). Most everyone else had unrecognizeable (to me anyway) bags.
  14. So even if we agree that LV has become an overexposed brand, there's nothing that can be done against it. Well, except, raising prices, cut down on advertisement and close some of the boutiques and all of the sales counters in big departement stores...
  15. I live in Brentwood (near Beverly Hills) so it's virtually impossible to have a day in which I DON"T see an LV bag being toted somewhere. :p