Do you think LV dog collar would fit a Chihuahua?


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Apr 24, 2006
My male Chi is 8 femal Chi is 4.5 lbs...the Coach dog collars and leads are waaay too big for them.

Do you think the LV ones would fit them?


Here are pix to see their apx. size:


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It doesn't fit mine. He's 1kg only though. We tried the petit and it didn't work. But he's got a very fine silver mesh bracelet as a collar. He doesn't wear a collar most of the time though.
the s lock bracelet is unconfortable too wide
maybe one of those bracelet only with the flower I think they are called "wish" ??
anyway I saw the pm dog collar and it is pretty small I am sure it will fit them
I thing is tought for toy size dogs
I bought my chihuahua the PM size. It fits him perfectly. He's not a tiny one though, he is 9 pounds. It's really light weight and perfect for him IMO.


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^OMG He is SO CUTE!!!! What a DOLL!!

Qtiekiki--I wouldn't use the collar to walk them...they would just wear them in their doggie stroller.

If they do get walked, I would use a harness with the LV leash.

Thanks everybody!!