Do you think LV can be 'outdoorsy'?

  1. I have a friend who is really, really outdoorsy - she loves to bike, hike, run, etc. and doesn't mind getting dirty at all. She doesn't even wear any makeup! Anyway, she keeps telling me that she's always wanted some kind of LV - but she's never gotten one because she's afraid she wouldn't be able to pull it off, given her interests. Do you think LV is appropriate for a girl who likes to rough and tough it? And if so, which bag would you recommend? (she's really into Mini Lin - do you think that would work for her?).
  2. antigua spring to mind. or a wallet. everyone loves cles.
  3. lin is treated linen fabric, but won't hold up well in all the conditions your friend will use it. What about the mono Congo ? It's designed for rugged use.....hence the name.
  4. I think a mono musette, mono danube, mono canvas messenger pm are good LV bags because they are casual and your friend could carry it across her body instead of carrying on her shoulders since she's very active.
  5. Thanks guys! I'll definately tell her to look into those!
  6. well i personally think the congo bag comes in quite useful as it has remavable and washable lining ( but not machine washable) damp cloth should to the job
    damier geant is another good option too
  7. I have an LV Backpack I use alot, even for dayhiking both wilderness and urban lol. Its the Bosphore but there are others too.
  8. pochette with a long strap :smile:
  9. I wouldn't go with mini lin to easy to snag. But antigua would be good, or denim too.

    I have denim backpack, a quick spray of protecter and that thing had gone just about everywhere...including a week long vacation to disneyland, where it got put on the ground, dirty rides, grabbed wth dirty and stickey hands, and soaked on the water rides and it came home looking like new.
  10. Damier Geant most definitely! :yes: :tup:
  11. I think either a backpack or the congo would be a great choice.
  12. Yesss, my thoughts exactly!

    Also if they have any Louis Vuitton cup items, that'd be cute too !
  13. Anyone can have an LV, as long as it is REAL! LOL!

    I agree about the congo, but what about a backpack?
  14. yes, deifnatly. Very sporty/outdoorsy look