do you think louis vuitton will allow....

  1. okey , i know this question is a little bit crazy or odd, but what you think about this idea??

    my husband called me last night from japan, where he was there for a business trip doing a hotel management/ and chasing investor to build a hotel over there ( w/c is already almost 3 months:crybaby:.. so my night was cold:p:lol::lol:.
    anyway he and his investor was brain storming on what brand they can use for one of their on coming hotel and i guess my husband thought to have louis vuitton as a brand name ( instead of hilton, sheraton ritz carlton) for the hotel since japan was the biggest fashionista of lv. and their idea is to put a lv big store inside that hotel ( that would be wonderful).

    so he ask what's my opinion on this, i told him that i don't think that louis vuitton company won't let their name to be used. he ask me where is LV's head headquarter or main office so that they could call them and present this idea.. w/c i told him you are carzy:nogood:, but knowing him, he'll do it .

    guys have any idea where to contact their headquarter's or number.. i know this is sound crazy and silly but who knows might be possible:okay::p

    what do you think of this crazy idea, huh?!
  2. lol....well, Bernaud Arnault, owner of LVMH, has already pretty much taken over France and it's press, so I wouldn't be surprised if his next market was Asia....they do have a HUGE retail base there....Let us know what happens!
  3. I think they're already acquiring some spas/hotels, according to Reuters news. Still your husband can contact the LVMH corporate offices. Start with to find the right person.
  4. lvmh would be the right place to go to.

  5. thank you, i know it will be slim chance but who know, thank you for the info.

    will see , :smile:
  6. you never know...
    I would start with the website or call the 800 number
  7. I would call the 1 800 # and speak to a LV customer service rep
  8. I reckon it's only a matter of time Bernard of LVMH would build an exclusive chain of LV hotels with a global presence, just like the Versace ones.
    When that day comes, imagine the waitlist...I bet one of the conditions to stay there for every guest would be to allow the concierge to search through all luggage big and small Ibody search inclusive) prior to checking out! When that day comes..
  9. How cool would that be?? Georgio Armani is opening a hotel here in Dubai. But I'd rather have a LV Hotel.
  10. That would be so cool! Let us know what happens.
  11. that's what my hubby told me the versace has one so, they are thinknig about the lv hotel brand.. that's why he approach me since i'm in the lv forum/purse club maybe someone here have any info what /where to get their contact or info to here is there headquarters.
  12. Wow that would be AMAZING .
    But tell him to contact LVMH .
  13. I would def. stay in an LV hotel!
  14. While I think it's a good idea for LVMH, I don't think this is an option of the LV brand. It doesen't really go well with the brand image and I think it would be more profitable for LVMH to use another chain (buy it) or do something else. LVMH is so much more than LV and it would be too hazardous to put the name at stake for a hotel.

  15. yes versace has one Palazzo Versace on Australia's Gold Coast it is absolutely beautiful