Do you think its worth it????

  1. Hi, im new to balenciaga but i always have a little browse in here! i am planning on purchasing my first city but im still doubting as its going to cost me. i seen a bag on eBay which i really want but im sure i will have to pay for a hefty custom charge..from what i check its between 3-9% with vat of 17.5%..think whats they do!

    its a marine city i am eyeing up and its a preloved...from the pics it looks excellent marine a great colour to you think its worth paying for it including the custom charge...its currently at $1099 but i have to pay $91 for p+p to the uk..cant decide whether its worth it once i pay the charge which prob cost me $400

    argh..please help.. :shrugs:
  2. Ah do I know about customs!! Well 1500 is a lot of money. You could order within the EU but not marine...
  3. well, when it comes to Bbag, I'm very partial, especially marine city which I have and love. I bought it from the Balenciaga NY in Sept for $1195(brand new). I was under the impression that marine was kind a hard to come by but I guess I was lucky.
    To me, it is worth every penny I paid. It's so gorgeous and I love and love the beauty of understated luxury look that only Bbag fans would understand, if you know what I mean.
    I also belive it has become classic like LV speedy or Chanel classic flap so you will enjoy for a very long time without a doubt.
  4. $1,500 for a used marine city? I don't think it is worth it. I think there are lots of nice colors you can get that would be cheaper.
  5. i cant believe its cheaper brand new! lol if i was in the US it would been cheaper just once you add the custom charge its really expensive...i dont even know how much the charge easier if know but it wont be cheap what ever the outcome! i guess i just keep browsing maybe somewhere nearer the uk
  6. Maybe try AlohaRag? They may ship to you since they are in Hawaii, But I don't think they have marine.
    Or you can try ,too.
    Good Luck!
  7. OH its expensive.. cant they declare it lower so u dun attract such high fees?.. But if its ur HG. Its worth it!
  8. Pekie, i had a bag shipped from the US with a value of $750 and marked as a gift and customs charge for me was £96 (nearly $200!!) can you imagine what the charge would be on $1099??? Also $91 is a lot for p&p, all the bags i've ever had shipped cost $45 to $50 with tracking number.

    I've bought from and they shipped to the UK in 4 days with tracking number and i asked them to declare $49 and it went through customs without a charge (disclaimer!: undervaluing is illegal and wrong and not to be encouraged ;))

    Aloha Rag declare 25% of the value of the bag if you ask them.

    Cricket Liverpool, the favourite haunt of the Footballers Wives, is the best place in the UK to buy Balenciaga their prices are generally a few pounds lower and they deliver for about £10.
  9. yeh i hate to imagine that charge for $1099...i might as well get a new one! i think it would be ok if it wasnt used but it is... i think im going to leave it as i have seen some nice bags in also there are some brand new bags on eBay just now so i might get from them instead. the shipping is cheaper and might declare value cheaper...

    quick question...what is better..twiggy or city? im stuck between two styles and was just wondering??

  10. i don't own either style (i only have the Day Hobo, First and a Courier) but if i did i'd probably go for the City, if i saw one in a colour i liked for the right price i'd buy a City - i prefer the shape and size.

    This thread might be helpful, good luck!: