Do You Think It's Weird To Have.....

  1. two LV Mono Speedies, different sizes of course? I have the 25 and now thinking I should get a 30, just to satisfy my obession. LOL. I know all I have been saying is that the 25 is the best size, but more and more I'm thinking on getting the 30. I want to keep my 25 (still haven't used her outdoors yet), but I feel like I need a 30 too. Am I nut case??
  2. No, there are members here with mono speedy with different sizes! If you like the bag and want more sizes, you should go for it.
  3. LOL. Should learn to check my spelling: obsession not obession
  4. Missypoo, I don't think you are nuts! If you want it in a different size then go ahead and get I mean. I mean you always need a smaller and a big one. If I had the money I would buy a 25, and a 30, always for all styles!
  5. No not weird at all!!! Makes sense if you love the bags!
  6. I do LOVE the Speedy style. I think I'll do it!!
  7. Don't forget to get the speedy in damier, epi, and etc. too!! :graucho:
  8. I love the speedy, you can never have enough. I am a 30 girl, i could never fit a third of my things in a 25.
  9. Not at all....I have the cerise (which is the 25), the rest of my speedies are 30. I have the mono, and MC, and LOL am rebuying (is that a word?!?!?:blink: ) the damier 30.

    I like to use my cerise when I'm not carrying too much or want to enjoy the lil cherries, or..of course if I'm wearing red.:P

    I love the 30's more though I think...Cuz you always have extra room for the days you may need to take a camera, or snacks for the kids (my kids always want to take some cheez its) LOL so I throw those in some ziploc baggies and in they go, and I still have WAY more room. I like knowing if I'm out somewhere and I need to throw something in my bag, it fits. Also love the opening...opens REALLY WIDE. Love that!
  10. I don't think it's weird at all, if I got extra $, I think I would get the mono speedy in all sizes haha:yes:
  11. i'm agreeing with everyone else, Missypoo... woo hoo!!! I want to get a speedy 25... but i want to expand my LV designs therefore either epi or damier... who knows really.... BUT the monogram is totally CLASSIC!!!! go get your speedy 30, girl!!!! woo hoo!!!
  12. No way, not weird at all, they are after all still different bags. Check out Kathyrose and Jewelbear's collections, off the top of my head they are members with multiple mono speedies !
  13. No, not at all. To me, they're kind of different looks.
  14. I, personally, would not invest in both sizes. There are so many fabulous bags. I would get something different.
  15. I would absolutely get the 30. I practically live out of mine. I love the fact that I can toss almost anything into it. I am sure my DH loves it too since he never has to carry anything of his own!