Do you think it's weird to be ...

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  1. really good friends with your husband's ex-girlfriend?
    Well, I AM and people tell that I am strange. Am I :wacko: ?
  2. Not at all. These things happen.
    Besides, it says very good things about your guy - he can be a man about the situation and keep his ex as a friend.
  3. yes and no...

    it would be really strange being friends with someone I knew slept with my don't know...i would just be weirded out. especially when it comes to talking about intimate things, I would just feel weird that she would understand what I meant in more ways than one.

    but no, because if she's a good friend and you trust her, you can't help the fact that she's your husband's ex...
  4. It's usual yes, but it's not for everyone.. especially if a relationship went sour in a really bad way and there were a lot of (bad) emotions involved. But hey, now you can share funny stories about your husband. ;)
  5. hmmm, yes and no! But you married him so HA HA to the ex g/f (hehehe) jks... i think im almost at the stage where im friends with my bf first ever gf... you know that first love just never seems to go away!
  6. I think it depends upon whether your SO and the ex get along. If yes, then it is nice that you are friends. If not, then I think that would be a tense situation, at times.
  7. No. One of my closest friends had gone out with my ex before I did. (I met her after he and I started going out.) She and I hit it off right away, and have remained friends for 15 years!
  8. My husband has never left any relationships on bad terms. They (my husband and his ex) do get along. She is divorsed and has two childern from her marriage. I just think that me and her have a lot in common (inluding the fact that we both slept with the same man:lol: !).
    I just get a lot of weird looks from my female friends and they all make comments like "What are you, Bruce and Demi?" and so on.
  9. Did your husband and his ex/your friend have kids together? If so, I think it's a good thing that you're friends. And if they didn't have kids together, I don't think it's weird. It'd be "weird" if you told us you were having threesomes--not that there's anything "wrong" with threesomes--but you are MARRIED to the guy.... :P

    I think it's cool that you're friends. And it's not often that we find people who's company we enjoy.
  10. Thats a tough question, and hard to answer because I have never had the opportunity to be friends with my boyfriends ex, because she lives in a different state. I don't think I would welcome her in to my circle of friends with open arms tho...
  11. No, they didn't. I just never thought anything of it, till people started making comments. I mean, it has been 12 years since him and her even dated!
  12. oh see, you left that part out in the beginning!! I change my answer now, to no, since such a long time has passed.
  13. It depends on many things. I personally would never be comfortable being friends with my BF's ex but then again, he never had an ex. BF and I both do have this clueless dog expression (you know, where they tilt their heads to one side like they were going huh?) when we found out that one of his college friends' fiance is best friends with his ex. We're not sure if they were friends first or not but we couldn't help thinking it's weird I guess maybe because we wouldn't want to be in that situation or something.

    But no, it's not that unusual.
  14. i married my ex-bf's best friend. but my ex- and i have remained very good friends-strictly platonic ;) i think it worked out and meant to be this way
  15. I agree, with the fact that it all depends on circumstance , I think thats great of you to be friends w/ her , friendship really shouldnt matter what the baggage behind it is , as long as you get along. My fiance's ex wife is the croked nosed - pointy hat wearing -green skinned -apple bearing -broom riding monster of my worst nightmares ... so your pretty lucky :biggrin:
    - exs can be noooo fun