do you think it's a sign of addiction....

  1. ...if the marc turnlock hobo i bought yesterday led to the purchase of this today?


  2. Yup, you are addicted! I love that bag! It is beautiful! Congrats!
  3. :roflmfao:
    You and Prada Psycho can start your own support group! Cute bag(s), btw....
  4. Yes...and the only way to stop this terrible addiction is to GIVE me both the bags....ROFLMAO...KIDDING!
    We are ALL addicted..LOL.....Thats part of being in this forum!
  5. lol - okay, well, at least i'm not alone :smile: i got such a good deal on this one, and i figure it's a bag that will pretty much be in style if i do that whole 'cost per wear' thing, it was practically free :smile:

    man, my husband is going to kill me!
  6. ^ welcome to the PHH (Purse hating hubby)club too.....LMAO....ALso a part of the PF memebrship club!!!LOL!
  7. Yes, and tln can be President Blake! :roflmfao:
  8. :love: OMG I love that bag! I can rationalize that purchase and it's not even mine! Yes we're all addicted! Congrats..It's a beuat!! Where did you get it?
    :heart: Emmy
  9. :roflmfao:....Congrats, Shoppingsmycard! I've always loved that bag.:love:...and welcome!
  10. Beautiful new bag!! Welcome to our addiction support group!:P :flowers:
  11. Jill is cracking me up. LOL.
    I consider this forum our Support Group for Purse Addiction. =)

    Shoppingsmycard, congrats on your new bags! =)
    Visit Your Bag Showcase forum, we are really not that bad.
    Be sure to our mod Jill's bag collection, she's our idol. =)
  12. thanks for the warm welcome, all :smile: emmy, i got the diane at bergdorf online....i had to call them and expedite shipping, because i just can't wait!
  13. Jill is right, we are all addicted. I had a few MJ bags before finding this forum, but now my collection is huge.....AND I want MORE!

    The Diane is very pretty! I know you can't wait to get it. Please post some pics of you wearing it when it comes! Congrats on your purchase. Welcome to the forum! You are going to love it here, but your wallet may not!!! :smile:
  14. Congrats, those are great bags! Welcome to the club!
  15. Shopping, how do you like your new baby? =)