do you think it's a hobby?

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  1. Hi Boys and Dolls,

    Just wondering, since many of you own more than 3 pieces of LV collection, and some of you have a whole closet built to put LVs, do you consider this as a hobby?? but lol, this hobby is expensive..

    i lovee LV!!
  2. I think it can be considered a hobby! we have a lot of collectors! I personally only have 5 pieces but would love to have a whole closet full of LV!!!
  3. Uh... sort of. It's a hobby that has sort of turned into an obsession!
  4. I'm with jellybebe... mine started out as a hobby but turned into a huge obsession! :sweatdrop: I consider myself a collector but I also use all of my stuff. I don't buy things unless I love them.
  5. Ditto here!!
  6. my DB told me, 'Hunnie, your hobby is very expensive!!!'

    do you get comments like this?? hahaha
  7. a hobby, slash investment.

    but.. i looove to just stare at

    sometimes i will take one of my lv bags on the couch with me.. and just stare at it all
  8. I never thought of it this way before but you have a great point here. I not only buy LV, but I actively try to learn more and more about the brand, I guess that would be considered a hobby.
  9. I definitely think its a hobby. I will collect as many bags as possible. I have two daughters so I would love to pass a fabulous collection to them when they are older.
  10. I do see it as a hobby... I thought if I bought one that that would be enough... But then I kept looking... I love my bags and my collection... But I can't stop looking...
  11. Hobby/addiction/obsession/investment!


    all the same as long as no one (whether it's you, your DH or your credit card) gets hurt!
  12. Is this a hobby?......don't tell my husband! :nogood:
  13. Actually, it did started out as a hobby, but turned into an obsession that needed periodic rehab. :P However, it's also an investment, at least that's how I convinced DH to support it. :graucho:
  14. Definitely an obsession for me as welll.. :graucho:
  15. It's a hobby, though a slightly obsessive one! People collect all sorts of things, many way more expensive, so why not bags. ;)