do you think it's 2 much?

  1. Do you think it's 2 much to wear a white flap chanel bag to go out on a weekend?
  2. nope
  3. noooope, why would you think that?

    I think it looks great with anything!
  4. of course not.. in fact i think it will look great with a nice top, some skinny jeans and knee high boots! :p
  5. not at all !
  6. no...go for it!
  7. why do you think so? I'd say nope =))
  8. No way! Why would you think that?
  9. absolutely not. it will add to your outfit and you will look soooo HOT!!!
  10. If Mischa B can rock a silver reissue at the grocery store, I think a classic white flap is good to go anywhere!
  11. ^ agree!
  12. I would wear it.
  13. Ha! Totally agree!:yes:
  14. One word: no :wlae:
  15. ^^agreed.