Do you think it'd be weird...

  1. If I called a store where I've never bought anything from, and have only called once, to inquire about the Miroir Lockit and even if they said it doesn't exist, to ask to be put on the waiting list, just in case? :confused1:
  2. Nope, why would it be?
  3. nope... I did it a month ahead before the SAs even knew what "azur" is. However, I rejected the speedy and pochette... didn't appeal to me.
  4. I'm on the waitlist at my store.
  5. I don't know...I guess I kind of considered what it'd be like if someone called where I work, inquired about something that we don't have/do and asked me to call them if and once they have it!
  6. ^I guess it's quite commonplace here because we always ask our SAs stuff and they have no idea but we can always leave our names and they'll call us once the stuff we want is here... So I'm all for the idea of going ahead and asking them to put you on the waitlist! :yes:

  7. I did this to Nick & I first saw the Sophie! They had no idea what I was talking about. They thought I was going a little crazy! They kept telling me there was no such thing. But they found out about it soon enough! :p
  8. I told Nick to call me if he gets any info on it...he thinks it's a I dunno. I may call HR Calgary tomorrow and speak to Garth or something, but I don't think they'll start a list for a bag they don't think will be released!! (Which is why I'm planning on calling Banff)
  9. It wouldn't hurt to just tell them to keep you in mind if they do start a list. Not all stores know anything about these yet..heck, some stores don't even know about the heart coin purses or Pomme Inclusions and they come out on Thursday!
  10. Me too :smile: Since November ;)
  11. call them!!!
  12. I"m thinking you should call and do it as well! You never know!!!

    I'm thinking of telling my SA to put me down for a Sophie too...
  13. I call all over the place and the only place I've found is Hawaii where you have to actually go in the store and register to be one of their customer's, then you can continue to order from them... that's cool, if their prices are lower... I'm tempted to change my flight just to do that... but... we'll see. You can call wherever you want and see if it happens. Seems to work best with a relationship with SA. My two cents...
  14. Karman, the sophie would be a gorgeous bag on you!
  15. Veronika, I'm inquiring about the Miroir Lockit, not the Sophie ;)