do you think it would look okay?...

  1. need some advice ladies. I have the Lockit Horizontal and i want to buy a luggage tag for it. Do you think it would look nice?
    Does anyone maybe have a picture for me of a LH with L-tag. ;)
  2. If you want to personalized it with accessories. Of course it would look okay on your LH. Better yet, with get it heat stamped:flowers:
  3. I think it would look fine. Definitely get it heatstamped!!
  4. i bet it would look great.
  5. hmm that's weird. I just called the LV store to ask for the official price of the Luggage tags and if they had it in stock. They said that yes we have them in different sizes but if you want to buy it you must come with an LV bag. We have to make sure that you're buying it and using it for the real LV and not a fake one! I was like OH MY! Check out my name and see what i've bought!

    Did this ever happen to one of you?

    She also said that they have to make sure that you have the real deal coz a while ago, people we're buying it and using it with fake ones....
  6. I think a luggage tag would look great with it.
  7. I think it would look ok, its a great why to personalize your bag :biggrin:
  8. Yes, I think it would look great with a luggage tag! Go for it, and see if they have the mini luggage tag. That would also look nice.

  9. does make sense but they shouldn't hassle you if they saw your previous purchases. I bought a tag at the NYC store and they never mentioned anything to me. I think the smaller tag with heat stamp would look great with the lockit. GoodLVck!

  10. Wow! I have never heard this before. I don't mind it! All of my bags are real so it wouldn't hurt me any!
  11. yeah okie! i'm convinced! hehe. I'm gonna buy it. I'm moving back to Holland for a year or so and the boutique is not really far from where i'm gonna live and i'm so psyched about it!
    Anyway exactly how many sizes are there?