Do you think it would be acceptable to wear gold jewelry with a SGH Balenciaga?

  1. I am just wondering if you think that would clash with all the silver on the purse. Lets say a Black or Plomb color with the giant silver hardware. Gold jewerly with it a no no?
  2. I wouldn't do it. Which is why I hesitated away from GH line altogether. It seems like no matter whether you have the SGH or GGH, any type of jewelry is overboard.
  3. i have the same dilemma with the gold hardware on my marc jacobs bag too. If it's dainty jewelry, I think you can get away with it. But truthfully speaking, keeping in the same "metal family" with your accessories will probably make the SGH "pop" more as opposed to clashing, KWIM?
  4. Agree with the others: I had the same problem with my silver HW Chloe paddy. I just couldn't feel right hold a bag with large silver HW while wearing nothing but gold jewelery :shrugs:
  5. I wouldn't do it...
  6. What about the other way around though? Wearing silver jewerly with the GGH bags. I don't think it looks AS bad. I tend to wear two tone jewerly a lot anyway.
  7. Wearing two tone jewelry might be the answer - like StarBrite 310 stated. I only have one Balenciaga - light brown with GH. I will wear it with two tone jewelry. Also, I carry the bag on the shoulder toward my back so that it does not clash with my jewelry in the front.
  8. I don't think it's over doing it but I'm a BLING BLING kinda girl!
  9. I am all about the mixing and matching. I personally think that it is over kill to be too matchy matchy. I mix my metals all the time. Go for it!
  10. I agree with Shasta that if it's to match matchy it looks to much as trying to hard IMO. I always wear 3 gold rings on 2 hands and I won't stop doing it just because I'm wearing my GSH. All my jewellery I have are presents of DH and I wear them night and day and personally I don't like silver or whitegold at all for me so gold it is with a bag with silver hardware.
  11. i honestly think anything goes nowadays! i have jewellery which is a mix of rose gold and silver in one so it kinda picks up the gold on my GGH PT... as long as its not "wow look at me"... then it's fine the GH speaks enough for itself... you dont want anything thats gona detract from it... hope it makes sense?
  12. I personally think it's fine to mix and match. I think it depends alot on your personality.
  13. ITA:yes:
    I am too all about the mixing and matching. Go for it and have fun!
    I almost never wear silver jewellery only gold (suits my skin tone better) and I personally think that my gold jewellery looks great with my paddy with silver hardware. I'm hoping to get a bal with SGH this season and I will definetely wear it with my gold jewellery.
  14. Mixing metals is good stuff. When I wear my Naturel GH Brief, I just wear whatever jewelry my heart desires!
  15. I say mix away!!! Everything the same and matching is not nearly as interesting. :nogood: