Do you think it was a fake?

  1. Or am I just jumping to conclusions? I live in a small city (I wouldn't really call it a town pop over 20,000:confused1:) and I have NEVER seen anyone come even close to rocking Jimmy Choo bags out here. The closest encounter I've ever had to someone having something outside of Gucci/LV/FENDI/Celine in this city is this one soccer mom standing in front of me @ the gas station with a MJ tote. Today I see a girl in the store with a "RAMONA" or her interpretation of one. So I decided I would call her on it. I complimented her on her "Ramona". And she just gave me a look like "my who". I repeated I love your "ramona" bag.

    She looked puzzled but then grinned and said thanks. She tried to scurry off bcuzz I guess she thought I would ask if it's real ( but I dont do that EVER). So before she could leave I asked her if she knew it came in python:graucho:; just to mess with her. She looked even MORE confused and was like "uh-noooo". And then she ran off really fast.

    Is it just coincidence that she doesnt know bag names or maybe it was a gift? Do you know the names of all the bags you purchase? Am I assuming or was it probably fake?
  2. I don't know the names of my two Coach bags, but I don't really care too much. I just know they're real, and they're mine -- and they do get lots of compliments!
  3. But I'm thinking with a high end bag like Jimmy Choo (no offense) wouldnt an SA @ least mention it once if they were helping you? And esp if you ordered it off of the internet you would have to see the name. I'm sorry but this isnt the same as a Coach bag. With Coach you see a bag, point it out or at the Coach store down here- just grab it and go to the counter. At the Jimmy Choo store it's different. I dont really see her being able to just grab the bag and go to the counter. At least not with my experience there. The SA's are really knowledgable and flaunt it.
  4. I know the names of anything I have that was over $500 because I usually have looked it up alot before buying it. But SAs are usually surprised I know the names so maybe its uncommon if you're not a fanatic. But If I could afford to get any bag I wanted whenever I want, I probably wouldn't bother to know the names.
  5. Before I came to tPF I didn't know the names of my bags, I just bought what I liked. I don't remember the SAs mentioning the names, but they might have.
  6. REALLY? I'm shocked @ all of this. Maybe it was real then:confused1:. I've just always known the names; even before PB. And have ran into SA's who are just as knowledgeable.
  7. She might just be one of those gals who don't care about the names of a bag. If I wasn't in the market for my next bag, I probably wouldn't know the names either! Not to say that her bag was real/fake; just that we shouldn't always assume.

    Maybe she didn't feel comfortable with you asking questions about things that belong to her...
  8. Um where did I say I asked her a question about her bag? I complimented it. And seriously as many fakes as I see around this place where fashion is slow to catch on; I have every right to question what I see.
  9. Okay, I misread but still, maybe she's a shy gal. It seems like she didn't feel comfortable.
  10. Let me tell you a little bit about my city.

    These girls will go on Harwin St. (sp) and get fakes that will make the designer twitch:wtf:. I even heard a rumor that one of Donna Karen's friends bought a bag that she had JUST put out on the market before it hit the stores/internet; on this street. Brought it back to her to inspect, and this woman was flabbergasted! Like I said that was just a rumor out there..........floating around in Texas.
  11. If I paid that much for a bag like a JC, I'd know the name, the history, the date of its birth and every square inch of the bag.

    But then I'm that way about all my bags, and I always am surprised to find that others aren't as anal as I am about it. Especially when I go into a store to look at bags and find the SA's don't know much about them at all! :wtf:
  12. I'd want to know everything about my bag espicially since I come on here to talk about them! :p

    I suppose for someone to own a designer handbag but not be on tpf.. you're less likely to know or care.
  13. I know that I really don't like to talk to people that I don't know......that is when I'm not in a social situation. She could have had work on her mind, and just not wanted to chat.

    I would be uncomfortable having anyone do more than just compliment me on my bag. To carry it on (more than just "nice bag - or whatever") would make me nervous. Ok, I admit I'm not very trusting.

    I usually know the names of my bags when I buy them. But if I'm on my way to work, in a hurry, and have to stop for gas or something, and someone mentions the name of my bag, I would totally lost. The name of the bag I'm carrying would be one of the farthest things on my mind. I would be like "huh?" if someone mentioned it.
  14. I think hat one's fake for sure... I mean, I have no idea what my 'cheap' bags are called, and I don't care so much either.
    But I think when you buy a high-end designer bag you know the name! Also if it's a gift - they're way too expensive to be referred at as 'just a bag'.
  15. ditto! the SA would say, "it's a great LV for everyday..."
    or "the leather on this bulga is amazing!"

    but that's about it...and i never thought to ask. for me, personally, if i :heart: it i'll buy it and rarely think twice about it's style name.

    now that i am a member here i am getting better...slowly. :p