Do you think it is worthy to get an evening bag from Gucci

  1. Those fur ones from the official website are cute. If I don't have a lot of party to go, do you reckon to get one? :wondering
  2. Even without a fancy party to go to.. I think a lot of the evening bags would also be great for a nice dinner out!! Or if you ever go on vacation and go on a cruise...
  3. If you like it then why not? Especially when you have a lot of parties to go to.
  4. I finally got this...Simply implusive purchase... hope no regret...:drool:
  5. I think it is important to have one nice evening bag in your handbag collection. Since they are costly and you want to be able to use them for many, many years without looking dated I recommend Judith Leiber evening bags. Here's a pic of mine. They were expensive but they will last me a lifetime.
  6. Kat you are right. Evening bag like black dress is a must-have in a wardrobe. Despite I hate the dress code for those formal parties, this little accessory can give me more confident.
  7. It's GORGEOUS!! Please post pics of it once you receive it!
  8. I think they make some of the most gorgeous evening bags around...and i think they're deffinitely worth it. I'm not much of a partier either but i use them a lot for dinners, and especially when i go on vacation...they're lovely!!