Do you think it is still worth buying this Prada bag?

  1. Forget whether it is the bag of the moment and just think if you like it or not.

    Personally I like it and would buy it, probably in the lighter colour as Liz Hurley has.
  2. I love the brown one. When I make a big purse purchase like this, I will get something that last for a long time instead of something that is just hot for one season. Do you think you will use this bag for a long time? If yes, then you should get it.
  3. Brown! But, only get it if you like it, not because it's on sale.
  4. Thank you, guys for your advise. :smile:
    I have finally decided to go for the white/grey. I have not bought it yet but they have reserved it for me for 5 days. I liked this bag very much last spring, but now I am afraid that it will perhaps look so "out" with the fringes and the patchwork.
  5. I understand your concerns, it's an intresting bag but I think it has "a lot going on" so you might tire of it really quickly.
    If you worry now I woudn't get it I know there are others who say: "who cares if it's "out" if you love it etc...but personally I do care to some extend especially since these bags are not cheap even considering the saleprice.

    You need to see if you can imagine yourself carrying it in a year or two. Now if money isn't important and you buy bags like bread then go for it...:p
  6. Congratulations on your decision of the white/grey! Patchwork has been around for ever and never really goes "away" ... and as for the fringe, you have the option of using the fringe strap or using the plain strap.
    The bag is fantastic, a classic bowler with a twist!
    Keep us updated on your decision.
  7. I myself think the bag will look dated because it is such a busy bag with the fringe. You need to ask yourself will you LOVE the bag and be using it in 5 years???? I also see this bag as one you will with jeans. To me I just can't picture it with a dress or more formal clothing.
  8. That is my concern too! That it will look so last year! I liked and still like this bag very much and since I usually wear jeans I was thinking of using it everyday. 2 or 5 years is too long for me for using the same bag. Usually I get bored of it after by the end of the season. For this reason I prefer to buy one or two bags every season and stuck with them for everyday use until the next. Since this is not the classic seasonless style, like Hermes or Balenciaga I am not sure whether I should keep the money and spend it instead for a spring/summer new "it" bag.