Do you think it is ridiculous to....

  1. Have more than one Mahala? One is the Electric Blue and the other is the Liquid Patent Cognac. The only other handbag I have is the Ruse - also by JC. I only a couple of months ago got introduced to JC. Since then obviously have gone a little crazy! :p Anyway, lately I have kind of been beating myself up that maybe I don't need two exact same bags, even though obviously they are two completely different colors. I am trying to be practical and although I really love my bags and truly appreciate the luxury that is available to me by having these bags - I also don't really want to be excessive. Mostly because of the way I was raised, I know I am lucky to have one, never mind more than one. I guess my dilema is this: I wouldn't mind kind of getting it down to two (possibly 3 if you count Ruse) bags that are really special and then enjoy the heck out of them. Would it be better to have a JC and some other brand like LV or Balenciaga? But - at the same time - the liquid cogac is a really beautiful bag, and for that matter, so is the electric blue.... in a years time would I regret not having one of these bags? IRL - the cogac is absolutely stunning and a unique take on an otherwise neutral boring color - brown. (No offense to anyone intended as BROWN is my absolute favorite color!!!) I guess I am just looking for some guidance and of course - I would never consider going anywhere else to get it! :heart:
  2. Lots of tPFers own multiples of the same bag--3 Jimmy Choo Mahalas, 5 Hermes Birkins, 7 Chanel classic flaps, 10 Balenciaga City bags--you get the idea. :nuts:

    Personally, I've just never been a big fan of that approach. I try to discipline myself with my bag collection, so once I buy a bag in one color, that's it. After all, there are so many great bags out there to choose from. :shrugs: But I know that I am definitely in the minority here on tPF, lol!!!!
  3. You're definitely not alone in owning multiple colors of the same style. Balenciaga gals are notorious for buying several bags in different colors (it's a bad addiction). Because both colors you have in the Mahala are very different, I don't think it poses a problem as long as you use both and enjoy them.
  4. ilove2shop
    You know, I think you are right about owning 2 Mahala's being ridiculous:tdown: Way overkill! SO, tell you what I'm going to do......
    I'll take the Blue Mahala off your hands right now (since you love your Cognac one so much) and then you will be free to go off and find a different blue bag:graucho:

    Honestly, if you love the style and it holds all your essentials, then who the heck cares if you have a bag in several different colors:wlae:

    If I could afford it, I would own a Mahala, a Ring and a Ramona in every color and texture they make:choochoo:
  5. I think that those 2 colors and types of leather are so different you will be the only one who knows. If you love them, who cares!!!! I normally wouldn't wnant more than one color, but I love my Maddy so much and it is bronze metallic, I would buy another Maddy in a solid color...maybe the purple one!
    OMG! I didn't just say that!:ban:
  7. And that makes new best friend! :roflmfao:
  8. For a second I thought you had lost your little mind!!!! :p
  9. I have 2 Rikis....I absolutely love the style....I would buy it in every color combination under the sun if only I could pick those pesky winning Lotto numbers!

    But there are a lot of other amazing bags out there....look around, try them on. And then buy the bag you truly love the most regardless of style or designer!
  10. LOL :roflmfao: Wouldnt you love that Robyn???:graucho: ... you really need an electric blue .... have you thought about buying one???
  11. Everyday:choochoo:

    As you know, I have been down-sizing some and I am down to only 5 :choochoo:bags and my vintage Dooney (which started this whole bag addiction) :crybaby:

    So I am all ready for the Fall/Winter sales and if the Electric blue Mahala is on there.... I must have it to match my Utah wallet:yahoo: