Do you think in....

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  1. Balenciaga colors? LOL:lol:

    I do! For example, I look at my son's crayons and think to myself the colors of Balenciaga. I saw someone with a green tank top and think~ that's apple green (my son's daycare teacher had an apple green tank on during the summer). I look at the flowers and call them by Bal colors! etc.

    Are the rest of you like this?
  2. LOL - this is too cute!

    I don't do that... but then again I can never tell my color shades apart - any blue is blue regardless of whether it's turquoise or navy or indigo! :P
  3. I do on some of the colors.... like rouille and anis and dolma, the colors that are quintessentially Balenciaga moto colors.
  4. LOL!!! I do that, too! Well, when I first got into bbags, the first several weeks, everything looked like bbag colors! My son's ikea stool? Apple green!
    my toothbrush was apple green too! on and on...I was going to post a thread on this, too, one of these days... oh and I got a magenta leather journal just because it reminded me of Oh Donna's magenta purse that I couldn't splurge on! but it consoled me a bit, to have a similarly colored item in possession!
  5. ...wanted to add, that bbag colors def. made me appreciate the wonderful colors all around us that we often take for granted...
  6. i called a color in art class seafoam green, and eggplant purple today...
  7. i do! i was thinking i was a bit crazy, but i am not alone, i am thinking like you about the bbags colors in similar situations, lol:lol:
  8. lol yep! my girlfriend told me she did this a month ago and i was like girl you are crazy! well other day we were driving and i saw a really pretty silvery dark green car and i was like wow that'd be a wonderful b-bag color!!! and i saw a red car the other day and i was like that looks like rouge vif! hehee. :P
  9. This is so funny! All these stories are making me laugh! Thanks for sharing! We are all crazy!LOL
  10. Yes, I definitely do this, particularly with cars. I just got a rental car today that made me think of a darker blueberry with purple undertones -- very pretty.
  11. I'm a painter... so i see everything in funny named colors. but I did purposefully paint a wall in my room anis-colored.
  12. Ha! I do it with CARS!! They have a big, big splash of color, so it is easy using them for a "sample"! I have even walked past certain cars and compared them with the bag I am carrying at the moment!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :girlsigh: I have seen rouge vif cars, blueberry suvs, greige vans, etc.! (and to think that I was the only one!) I even saw a Marron car! Loved it!
  13. Ha ha... I do it with car colors too and it drives my best friend nutso!! :roflmfao:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I was going to start a thread similar to this..hahaha..... but in regards to when I see a color on the street or anywhere , I always wish that color would be the next season's colors..Like when I saw dandelions in the summer, I would think to myself that Bal should make their next bags that color. :P It's usually yellow toned colors that trigger me to think this way:

    Some others:
    AJax lemon dish washing soap
    NYC cabs
    Spicy mustard on hot dogs
    My gold necklace
  15. what about an orange sherberty, or better yet, an orange creamsicle bbag?
    would :heart: love:heart: something peachy / light orangey creamish!