Do you think I'd be mad to get another metallic?

  1. I'm desperate to get my hands on a small Betty. The colours I really like are the patent black and the silvery metallic one, but bearing in mind this is only my 3rd Chloé, and both my others are metallic..... should I go for something different this time?
  2. Both are awesome-you can't go wrong either way!
  3. Three metallics? Seems like allot but there are metallic girls out there and my sister is one of them. She just loves them.

    First you have to find the purses. The first available one is the bag to buy. Leave it in divine hands?
  4. LOVE metallics... and they're hot season after season, so I'd say go for it! :yes:
  5. At one point I owned three metallic paddies: anthracite, aubergine, and bronze. I sold the bronze, but not because I felt like I had too many metallics, it was because I had bronze MJ I liked better. I think metallic bags are amazing and they go with everything. I love the way they add a little bit of funkiness to a boring or plain outfit. And now that I have my two metallic paddies, I wear them all the time... it's never "hmmm, which one should I wear with this outfit?" because one always works better than the other because the colors are so different.

    If you love the metallic, I say go for it. ;)
  6. ooh I would disagree on a patent or metallic on the betty, the reason being I have the regular leather of this one and if its possible, its smoochier than even the paddy leather, it really is as soft as butter so I would really recommend a reg leather betty. Will go find a piccie of mine :smile:
  7. [​IMG]

    here is my betty :smile:, hope you can s
    ee the nice slouchiness of the leather

    I think the small is the perfect size as well, as you have the paddys also :smile:
  8. Yep I checked the measurements of the large one and they're way too big even for someone my height! Small one sounds perfect...... and BTW, yours is the only blue one I've ever seen! :p
  9. My Betty Shopper (argent displayed in Avatar) is buttery soft. I LOVE IT. As the metallic wears off (oh so insignificant) black comes through. This stinkin bag goes with allot of stuff.
  10. I would rather go for annother metallic than for a patent (don't like patent bags at all, sorry :shrugs: ).