Do you think I should sell this belt?

  1. I got this belt for a few years, have not been using it much. Does this look like a very old design? Should I sell this off?
    IMG_0068_1.JPG IMG_0069_1.JPG
  2. Sophia, I've seen people loop it around and wear it as a necklace. :heart:

    I don't think of it as an old design at all! It's lovely and I think you should keep it... unless you're saving up for another purchase. ;)
  3. I think it's really pretty! However, if really are not going to use it, sell it.
  4. No...don't sell it! It is a classic IMO, and would look great with so many things.....
  5. i love it can i have it. what color is it ? How much did it cost you ? I have been looking for a belt like that..
  6. I bought it for about the equivalent of US$500. Its black leather with silver chain.
  7. I think it is very pretty and very classic Chanel (I have the same one but instead of the dangling CC, it has the Camilla flowers; I think yours is prettier). But if you don't think you will ever use it and have something else in mind, then go ahead and sell and use that money to help fund something you will use.
  8. THis design will never get old cause it's a classic. THey are currently STILL selling it. I saw it in Chanel. Still priced at $500 bucks. SO keep it!
  9. Don't sell it. I have the same belt and I do not wear it often but they go up in price so the same belt may cost twice in a year. It is a classic design that Chanel has been making for years and years. My only problem with that belt is the CC fell off after the second wearing and I had to take it to a jeweler to get it soldered back together. :hysteric: Thank goodness I found the CC. :yahoo:
  10. Your belt is timeless & chic. Keep it & wear it. Do you wear jeans much? It look great with jeans & as faboulous with dressy pants/skirts.
  11. No - its gorgeous!!
  12. NO! Don't sell it! It's beautiful!
  13. i don't think it looks old at all. If you do sell it, let me know;)
  14. ^actually, please don't. People are banned from here if we find out they're using tPF to buy, sell or trade.
    Just a friendly reminder.
  15. Sophia - that is a GORGEOUS belt!! However if you find that you are truly not using it and wont be using it anytime soon, then sell it off and put the funds towards something you will use.

    I must say though, I think that'll make a beautiful necklace!