Do you think i should sell it or keep it?

  1. Hi I believe I've posted this pic before about speedy handles that turning you guys can see in the pic, do you think i should keep it or sell it,by looking into the condition of the handle?:shrugs: should i get a new mono speedy 25? or else? help me decide please....thanks:heart:
  2. if you like, you can get the vachetta replaced and pay maybe 300+, just bring the bag at LV store and get estimate.. or if you have extra money then sell the old one to fund a new bag..
  3. Oh if you don't want to go through the replacement hassle...sell and a get a new bag to carry for the next few years. I like dark vachetta, but only so dark myself. Yours are not horrible, just a bit dark.
  4. but if changing the handle the other part must be changed right? my sa told me that to change the whole pattina leather will cost me almost brand new i'm struggling now :sad:
  5. if u were me, will u sell it?:confused1:
  6. ^^ I wouldn't :shrugs:
  7. I wouldn't sell it. The patina is something that is supposed to happen and it's beautiful.
  8. i happen to like my vachetta dark like that...
    i can't stand light vachetta :p
  9. i wouldn't sell...i like it!
  10. If its too dark for you, I'm sure you could get alot for it on eBay.. And use those funds to go towards a new speedy !
  11. if u really dont like it then just sell it and get a new one
    basically i liek the dark patina...
  12. it looks fine to me its not uneven at all.. :O)
  13. i think just sell it and get a new one if u dun like the patina

    when u get a new piece...u gotta baby it again

    n when the new piece gets old...u gonna sell it for a new piece again

    then again...if u can bear with patina...i am sure u will be happy with it for many years to come...n u dun have to keep on changing to a new bag every now n then...

    even if u sell it...i wonder will it fetch a good price?! oh well...might as well stick with the old...but then again..its up to u...sorry..of no help here...for me...i think my bag bears what i have been has a bit of history with all the stains n am still loving it not for the looks...but for what the bag has been through with me :smile:
  14. My handles are similar to yours - but I plan to keep it for a veryyyyy long time!

    and I agree w/ dollipop in that you would have to get a new speedy every couple years if you are afraid of the darkened leather
  15. I like dark patina! I love bags once they are broken in!!! But if it's really bothering you then just realize, like others have said, you'll have to keep replacing it once it darkens again. It would be an on-going cycle for you.