Do you think I should keep this scarf?

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  1. IMG_1362.jpg IMG_1363.jpg IMG_1364.jpg

    I loved it in store, bought it but I may be having buyer's remorse. My friends say it's an investment... I wore it last night for a little bit and I think it's gorgeous but... Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

    The pictures don't do it justice, it's just so soft and shiny and yum! :love:
  2. i love it! the color is fantastic and unique... an hermes scarf is definitely an investment!
  3. What a cool scarf :nuts: I love it, I'd keep it. But, if you're having doubts and if you think you wouldn't wear it much...
  4. i think it is pretty, definitely should keep it.
  5. I'd keep it! I saw it last weekend and I have been wanting it ever since. It's beautiful! :love:
  6. I love it! Definitely keep it...
  7. It's pretty! Why are you having second thoughts?
  8. I love it! I saw the catalogue and loved it on the model and have wanted one since. The price is a bit steep for me at the moment though.
  9. Cute. Keep it.
  10. I think it's gorgeous...
  11. Oh, I'd wear it to threads, I love the colour, the feel, the sophistication it gave to my yucky friday-wear...
    I just feel really... I don't know. Vain? Spendthrift?
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  12. Really, Perja? That's absolutely not a good reason to return this. You've admitted, yourself, that you would use it. So keep it, and love it. Enjoy it! If you were truly vain, or a spendthrift, you wouldn't be worrying that you were!
  13. PS Hope that makes sense!
  14. Aww I love it! The color is gorgeous, keep it if you can =)

    btw, you deserve something nice every once in awhile... if it happens to be something nice once a month, once a week, or every 3 weeks, then be it, you're just a very awesome person! ;P
  15. Agreed!